Your guide to the Olympics for Sunday, February 17

Posted: Sunday, February 17, 2002

TV listings for Monday, Feb. 18

All times EST

NBC 1-6 p.m. -- Hockey, men: U.S. vs. Belarus; Russia vs. Finland.

NBC 8-11:30 p.m. -- Figure skating: free dance. Ski jumping: K120 team. Freestyle skiing: women's aerials finals. Biathlon: women's 4x7.5K relay.

CNBC 6 p.m.-midnight -- Hockey, men -- Czech Republic vs. Canada; Sweden vs. Germany. Curling, men -- U.S. vs. Great Britian.

Head -- It's out back

There's not a lot of running water out in the Olympic venues in the Wasatch Mountains, which means spectators planning on spending a lot of time there have to get used to the idea of portable toilets.

An estimated 2,200 portable johns have been imported for use everywhere from the streets outside the Medals Plaza in downtown Salt Lake City to the far reaches of Soldier Hollow and Snowbasin.

These are not your grand-daddy's outhouses. No wooden seats or splinters, mostare vented with paper dispensers, soap and even mirrors.

But, only 39 of the 2,200 portables are heated, reported the Salt Lake Tribune, and they aren't available to the general public.

NBC claimed them for its crews.

Head -- Who's on first?

Just when you thought the controversy over the pairs figure skating decision had just about played out -- after Jamie Sale and David Pelletier claimed they had given their last press conference (right!) -- a new twist on the matter has arisen.

In the new medals ceremony planned to present the gold medals to the Canadians, Olympic organizers had to decide another thorny issue -- who's anthem would they play first.

Head -- How much dough for this promotion?

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has announced that it will give "each person in Utah" one free doughnut if the United States wins the final medal count. No word on how this food distribution will take place. Will shut-ins get a Meals on Wheels delivery? If someone in your household decides he doesn't want his, can you get an extra glazed to go with your jelly?

Today's lesson

The second Olympic mascot is Copper the Coyote, which represents the Olympic ideal of "higher, faster, stronger."

The coyote has large furry feet which help it move swiftly over snow and ice. It can live in the mountains or in the grasslands, often angering farmers because it is a fierce predator. It's also a very intelligent.

Coyote is derived from the Aztec word for "barking dog." Native Americans called them "little wolves."

According to Native American legend, the world was once dark and frozen. The coyote climbed the highest mountain and stole a flame from the fire people (kind of the original Lord of the Rings). He then brought the flame in from the mountains, bringing warmth to the earth.

Copper is so named because it represents one of the mineral resources in the area.

--Neat to know--

All events at these Winter Olympics occur at least a mile above sea level.

--Pop quiz--

What is the best performance by an athletes or team from a snowless country?

(Yesterday's answer: The only Winter Olympics held in a socialist country were in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia in 1984).

--Story time--

Most of the venues held for the Sarajevo Olympics were destroyed by ethnic fighting and warfare after Yugoslavia split into factions.

Christin Cooper had one of the surprise finishes for the Americans in Sarajevo, finishing second in the giant slalom.

The people of Sarajevo and the Olympics that year furnished wonderful memories for Cooper. She decided years later that the athletes needed to do something to pay back the people of Sarajevo. She was co-founder of the Spirit of HOPE (Humanitarian Olympians for Peace). The organization arranged for more than 10 tons of clothing and equipment be sent to the suffering citizens of Sarajevo.

--Name game--

Name the country by its official Olympic initial: FRG. (Yesterday's answer:

BIH is Bosnia-Herzegovina, part of what was created by the breakup of


Head -- Quote of the day

"the wheels are back on the bus big time.'' Ann Swisshelm, the lead on the U.S. women's curling team after the Americans beat Russia 11-4 to snap a three-match losing streak.

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