SoHi Stars celebrate new Wax Shack

Posted: Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The SoHi Star's Nordic Ski Team were in a mood to show off last week, no not another championship trophy, but something extremely important in helping them earn those championships, a new waxing facility.

According to Coach Dan Harbison, it's been a long time in coming and is greatly appreciated, "Ever since the team was first formed in 1992 we've been looking for a facility, initially they put us in the dressing room for the football team and we've been trying to make do with that up until this year," said Harbison at last weeks Open House to show off the new Wax Shack. "About six years ago got the idea that perhaps we could create our own facility and five years ago, Andy Liebner was able to get the initial permits and we poured the foundation tubes. From there it snowballed with two other groups of students and their government class project toward the completing the facility this year," added Harbison.

Tess Caswell is now a senior at SoHi and finally able to utilize the project she has been working on the last four years, "Waxing is vital to us because everyday snow conditions change and as the conditions change, we have to change our wax in order to have glide across the snow, and in the football closet where we were before it was so small we had to wax in shifts and it took us up to 45 minutes before we could actually get out and ski, and now in our new shed, 20 minutes and we're on the road," said Team Captain Caswell. According to Caswell the new building is valued at $80,000, but with all the volunteer labor and material contributions the team only spent about $8,200 to complete the facility, "In the end we saved about $70,000 through the volunteer effort, and it really shows how the community supports us which motivates us to ski harder and win for them," added Caswell. "The Star's Ski Team wants to thank all our sponsors and the community for their contributions and especially Kelly Keating and Tom Seggerman who acted as our general contractors. It was through them that the facility really took shape, but I think that everyone in the community at one point or another helped us construct this facility. Soon we'll have a sign recognizing our 22 major contributors for their efforts," said Harbison.

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