Nikiski residents who captured bad guys deserve praise, not jail

Posted: Tuesday, February 17, 2004

A couple of weeks ago a thug or two got caught out in Nikiski with a whole bunch of stolen property. The public (local home owners) did the capturing, not the cops.

I heard that these two wonderful, law-abiding public citizens may get prosecuted. How stupid can our legal system be? These two ought to get trophies and purple hearts for their deeds, not jail time.

Our legal system needs a great deal of revamping. The cops aren't at fault; it's the judges, lawyers and especially the parents. Anyone can make babies, but taking care of them and raising them is a very big job.

It used to be if you stole from another person they would hang you. Now the lawyers and judges get lots of money for nothing. What about victims' rights?

Talk to your representatives and neighbors. Change the legal system. It just doesn't work anymore.

They the cops and lawyers and judges call us vigilantes for doing their jobs. What a joke! We're doing their job because they won't do anything that has any resemblance to justice anymore. I wasn't raised to just sit by and let some thug steal my stuff. If the law (what there is of it) won't protect my family and my things, I will.

Steve Croft


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