Social Security 'crisis' nothing more than government lie

Posted: Thursday, February 17, 2005

Social Security crisis? Balderdash! Congress simply has a monstrous, insatiable spending overload. This is the case and has been for a good many years. Probably back to the time our senior senator entered the Senate. Paying businesses for not utilizing their land, outright grants of big bucks to the other countries of the world, the bloated welfare state, etc.; all this with no discernable effort to reign in spending. I'm certainly not the brightest bulb in the woods, but it's clear as a bell to me that the administration and Congress are pulling a gigantic scam on the public. If they would allow the revenue from Social Security to be spent for its intended purpose only, the so-called crisis would disappear like a snowcone in the desert. All this rhetoric about the "lock box" or the "trust fund" is a shameful lie.

The 12.5 percent of the national payroll tax that goes into the general fund is estimated to amount to a surplus of $300 billion this year. The fact that budgets past and present are dependent in a major part on the Social Security excess annually mandates they will not be honest and correct the problem.

Washington, D.C., is a carnival, with all of our elected officials a part of the budget shell game. Shame on them!

Bob Harrison, Nikiski

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