Anchorage's proposed bed tax will affect all Alaskans

Posted: Thursday, February 17, 2005

The mayor of Anchorage proudly states the hotel tax for the new convention center will not cost Anchorage residents in new taxes. True. Now the rest of therest of the story. Tourists are supposed to pay for it.

Whoa!I, like a lot of people on the peninsula and people all over the state, enjoy shopping, dining and spending a night in the big town. This tax will affect every resident in the state of Alaska outside of Anchorage.

All the people who come for medical care, business and pleasure will be building that convention center. Maybe the businesspeople were not told about that and are following blindly behind this tax-and-spend mayor.He and the assembly have already increased the most discriminative tax in the world — a cigarette tax. Taxes do not hurt people who are working and have good-paying jobs. They hurt the unemployed, the disabled, those on Social Security and the thousands who are at the poverty level.

I do not believe you can legislate health; I have breathing problems, but not a doctor I have gone to could blame cigarettes. The most asinine part of the tobacco tax is that not one penny of it goes to medical care or food for the homeless or poor.But people can say, "those people down there in the homeless shelters and on the street, when they buy a pack of cigarettes, are paying part of my property taxes."

Paul D. Morrison, Kenai

VECO helps Skyview shop

students test their mettle

Applause for VECO!

Skyview High School metal shop students and teacher wish to publicly thank Chris Daigle and VECO for the very generous donation of scrap steel, welding rod and welding gloves. Our hands thank you!

Chris Schrier, Skyview High School, Metals instructor

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