Monday, February 18, 2002

Husband gets 60 years for knifing wife and son
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- A man who nearly knifed his wife and son to death was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

President relaxes with party faithful at Republican fund-raiser
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- About 200 people, most of them Republicans who wrote $1,000 checks to get in, watched President Bush's Elmendorf speech on a big screen television while noshing on shrimp and sausage in the atrium at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

Bill aims to update state welfare reform law
JUNEAU (AP) -- A proposed change in state welfare law could put more money into subsidizing the wages of people trying to move off welfare.

Frontier Flying Service seeking $10 million post-attack loan
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Frontier Flying Service Inc. is asking for a $10 million federal loan to help it recover from the effects of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

BP says natural gas pipeline financially out of reach
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- BP's chief executive said the estimated $15 billion to $20 billion pricetag on an Alaska natural gas pipeline puts it out of reach financially.

Sick newborn airlifted from Wrangell
JUNEAU (AP) -- The Coast Guard said Monday it helped airlift a newborn girl in Wrangell who was suffering from respiratory distress.

Habitat looking for North Pole applicants
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- Habitat for Humanity wants to build a house in North Pole, but there is one problem. It can't find anyone interested in taking advantage of the program.

Fishing crews safe after two boats sink near King Cove
JUNEAU (AP) -- Five fishermen were safe after being rescued from two sinking vessels Monday morning in unrelated incidents near King Cove.

Victim of Soldotna attack in coma
KENAI (AP) -- A 20-year-old Soldotna man accused of raping and severely beating a woman remained in custody Friday in lieu of $250,000 dollars cash bail and a court-approved third-party custodian.

Butteri continues to lead Yukon Quest pack
PELLY CROSSING, Yukon (AP) -- Peter Butteri of Tok remained on top of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race late Monday morning, when he was the first to arrive at Pelly Crossing.

Butteri has nice lead in Yukon Quest
DAWSON CITY, Yukon Territory (AP) -- About the only person calling Peter Butteri the surprise leader of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race is -- Peter Butteri.

Troopers investigate report of man with video camera in ladies' room
NIKISKI (AP) -- Alaska State Troopers said they will forward charges to the district attorney's office against a man who went into the women's restroom with a video camera at the Nikiski swimming pool Saturday night.

Coffee dispute could be nearing a resolution
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- The Carrs Safeway grocery chain is sending signs that it might back down from booting local coffee roasters from its stores and replacing them with coffee giant Starbucks.

Alaska businesses save money swapping goods
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- It's so Alaskan -- businesses going Dumpster-diving.

Nenana Police Department again loses half of its fleet
FAIRBANKS (AP) -- For the second time in six weeks, the Nenana Police Department has lost half of its two-car fleet.

Talkeetna residents form group to deal with bear problems
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Despite $300 spent bear-proofing the garbage bin at the Alaska Railroad depot in downtown Talkeetna last year, the bruins got in a parting shot.

Timber companies, economists weigh impact of logging injunction
JUNEAU (AP) -- A logging injunction in the Tongass National Forest cost Viking Lumber more than $1 million last year, a company official said during a hearing on Thursday.

Butteri holds lead in Quest
STEWART RIVER, Yukon (AP) -- Peter Butteri of Tok remained on top of the Yukon Quest as the leaders went through Stewart River, 99 miles past the halfway point at Dawson.

Marathon increases spending in Alaska for 2002
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Marathon Oil Co. plans to increase its capital budget this year in Alaska.

Anchorage tells fire halls to eliminate risque magazines
ANCHORAGE (AP) -- City firefighters have been told to get the girlie mags out of the fire stations.

Fish board aids disabled anglers, charitable works
ANCHORAGE (AP) - Disabled anglers are getting a boost from the Alaska Board of Fisheries.

Two Alaskans compete in team events at Winter Games
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Two Alaskans competed Monday in team events at the Winter Games in Utah.

Butteri holds lead in Quest
STEWART RIVER, Yukon (AP) -- Peter Butteri of Tok remained on top of the Yukon Quest as the leaders went through Stewart River, 99 miles past the halfway point at Dawson.

Butteri leads Yukon Quest
DAWSON CITY, Yukon Territory (AP) -- About the only person calling Peter Butteri the surprise leader of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race is -- Peter Butteri.

Daytona all it's piled up to be
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Sterling Marlin should have stayed in the car and left the repairs to his crew.

How teacher salaries compare to others
Are teachers' salaries in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District low, or high? Or is the picture more complex than that?

Bankruptcy stalls lawsuit against marine broker
HOMER -- Debra Moore, who was indicted for felony theft by a Kenai grand jury on Feb. 8, is not the only marine broker in Homer to come under legal scrutiny in recent months.

District teachers, losing buying power, seek higher pay
Kenai Peninsula teachers say they need more pay, and this is the year they will insist on getting it.

King harvest limits fixed
Fishers planning on angling for a Kenai River king salmon this spring had better make sure it's a big one. The Alaska Board of Fisheries passed a measure Saturday that significantly impacts anglers' ability to take home early-run kings.

Blood bank calls shortage 'critical'
The Blood Bank of Alaska is running dry from a critical shortage in donations this winter.

Nanwalek school spill cleanup to cost $230K
Borough risk managers have asked the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly to approve spending nearly $230,000 to finish cleaning up diesel-contaminated soil at Nanwalek Elementary-High School and replace playground equipment removed during excavation work last year.

Bush impresses small contingent from peninsula
When President George Bush visited Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage Saturday, nearly 4,000 Alaska residents turned out to see him speak.

Homer school budget hearing highlights depth of woes
HOMER -- Snowballs rattled off the Homer High School library windows Monday night as the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District hosted a public hearing on the district's budget problems.

Floundering salmon industry seeks help
JUNEAU -- Commercial fisher Leroy Cabana did not intend to speak at a legislative hearing Wednesday on a bill to spend state dollars to market salmon.

President presses case to open ANWR
ELMENDORF AIR FORCE BASE -- President Bush, greeted by snowfall on his first presidential visit to Alaska, pressed his argument Saturday for oil and gas drilling in the Arctic wilds here.

Lobbyist helps borough battle for state funds
In a rapidly shrinking pond, every frog leaps for the last lily pad.

Soldotna council moves to clean up waste water
The Soldotna waste water treatment plant, which purifies city sewage before emptying it into the Kenai River, will receive a new ultraviolet disinfection unit as well as a third, larger clarifier, which filters impurities from the water. Both additions will improve on the city's current sewage sanitizing process.

Eve K. Williamson
Soldotna resident Eve K. Williamson died Wednesday, February 13, 2002, at Heritage Place in Soldotna.

Corene Ross
Kenai resident Corene Ross died Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2002, at Central

Mederese M. Chamberlain
Anchorage resident Mederese M. Chamberlain died Monday, Feb. 4, 2002, at her home of natural causes. At her request there will be no services.

Sophie Margie Bradley
Longtime North Pole resident Sophie Margie Bradley died Thursday, Feb. 14, 2002, surrounded by loved ones at her son Leslie's home in Kenai.

Ohno misses Sunday practice
Short track speed skater Apolo Ohno missed his scheduled Sunday practice session after sustaining a 1 1/2-inch cut from his fall at the end of Saturday's 1,000 meter event.

Kenai Peninsula skiers make tracks into Winter Olympics
The Olympics five-ring symbol, representing the union of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America, needs a new link. One for the Kenai Peninsula.

U.S hockey picks up tie with speedy Russians
WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (AP) -- Brett Hull scored off his own rebound with 4 1/2 minutes left and the United States -- outshot and outskated most of the night by super-fast Russia -- managed a 2-2 tie Saturday.

And the real winners are...
SALT LAKE CITY -- "David Citations for the interesting and weird, Winter Olympics version I:

Twist of fate makes Bradbury an instant celebrity
SALT LAKE CITY -- Steven Bradbury didn't come to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games with a realistic chance of winning a gold medal.

U.S. and Russia tie in middle round in Men's Hockey
KEARNS, Utah In a game not quite as miraculous but almost as dramatic as the last one they played on American ice, the United States and Russia tied 2-2 in the middle round of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Joey Cheek takes third in men's speed-skating
KEARNS, Utah America's newest speed-skating sensation had a brutal wait Saturday and by the end of it was satisfied just to finish anywhere in the top three.

U.S. Men's Hockey off to fast start
SALT LAKE CITY -- Most of them pulled into town on Thursday morning still feeling the effects of the NHL games they'd played the previous night.

Sports have one week to reclaim Olympics
SALT LAKE CITY -- This is the point in the road where you start asking, are we there yet? When the scenery all starts to look alike and you've heard the same old song too many times.

Other than ordinary champion
Plenty people go through life with wrong-headed notions. The difference between Steven Bradbury and the rest of us is that he has a gold medal to show for his.

Two Alaskans compete in team events at Winter Games
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Two Alaskans competed Monday in team events at the Winter Games in Utah.

Your guide to the Olympics for Sunday, February 17
TV listings for Monday, Feb. 18, plus Olympic trivia

U.S. must wait a little longer for bobsleigh medal
PARK CITY, Utah You take a sport, play it on ice and put the athletes in sleds and where do you think the winners are going to come from?

Luge is not the perfect spectator sport
PARK CITY, Utah -- Seen any good luge lately? Don't blink. Whoops, in the time it has taken you to read this, three sliders have shot down the run.

Racine's brakeman questionable
Jean Racine's controversial decision to dump long-time brakeman and close friend Jen Davidson in favor of Gea Johnson last December may come back to haunt her.

Winter Olympics just feel warmer
SALT LAKE CITY _ The towering metal stands at the downhill venue, packed full of flag-waving fans, looked like a United Nations gathering, sans the headphones and translators.

Ohno falls out of place in men's short-track
SALT LAKE CITY -- Apolo Anton Ohno's bid for four gold medals will fall short.

Gold Medal showdown approaches for Women's Hockey
SALT LAKE CITY -- The United States women were two players short.

Ohno's crash puts future in question as focus returns to athletes
SALT LAKE CITY -- A quick reminder from the Winter Games: The Olympics are still about the athletes.

Professional athletes hurting Olympics
SALT LAKE CITY -- There was a hockey game on last night that you probably didn't watch.

Mesler achieves Olympic dream, just not how he dreamed it
SALT LAKE CITY _ Steve Mesler dreamed of being an Olympian. A Summer Olympian. Maybe the next Bruce Jenner or Dan O'Brien.

Olympics: women's 1,000 meter speedskating
KEARNS, Utah _With Bonnie Blair standing on the top row of the bleachers, furiously shaking a cow bell, Chris Witty kept cranking out world-record splits.

Kasilof Olympian makes history
HEBER CITY, Utah -- Jay Hakkinen couldn't see the leader board or hear the public address announcer, but the roar of the American crowd told him something special was happening.

The second pairs figure skating medal ceremony
SALT LAKE CITY -- With multiple hugs and kisses and duplicate gold medals, Canadian pairs skaters Jamie Sale and David Pelletier and Russians Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze brought a smiling formal conclusion Sunday night to figure skating's greatest controversy.

Time will come for U.S. ice dancers
SALT LAKE CITY -- The broad smile on Naomi Lang's face told the story.

No smiles-all-around compromise for U.S. vs. Russia Men's Hockey
SALT LAKE CITY -- Was there a French judge in the house? Here you had an event with Russians on ice, a seemingly superior performance not fully rewarded and, in the end, a tie. It was almost like figure hockey.

Message may be clear, but Bush's straight talk sometimes offends
WASHINGTON -- President Bush, still taking a crash course in diplomacy, is getting pointers from an unlikely trio: Russian President Vladimir Putin, former Democratic rival Al Gore and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Democrats seek effective voice
WASHINGTON -- Democrats are fighting a tide of public opinion these days -- especially President Bush's high approval rating -- without benefit of a dominant figure within the party to rally behind.

Panel's focus is to maximize benefits Alaskans receive from gas resources
As many of you know, I am the chair of the Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines. That has been a primary focus since I was appointed as the chair in May 2001. I want to maximize the benefit Alaskans receive from our natural gas resources.

Ask the Mayor
Question: What is the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)?

Rep. Young's record raises concern about who he is representing
Dear Congressman Don Young, For more than two decades you've been the congressman for all Alaska. Very frankly, however, your constituents are starting to think you are taking us for granted.

U.S. needs to present stronger case to allies before targeting Iraq
If the United States next targets Iraq in its war on terrorism, the government needs to lay out a stronger, more specific case to its allies and its own citizens than it has thus far.

Prayer case illustrates lack of common sense
Recently, in a public school, a kindergartner said grace while having a meal at school, and it is now a federal case.

Bad advice doesn't make public speaking more fun
I am picturing you in your underwear. You, yes, you, reading this column right now, are being imagined in your skivvies by someone you don't even know.

Community News
Christian class open to area womenApplications available for internship programNew Alpine House up for raffleHomer community schools classes still open

Food bank helps CANcel hunger
The Kenai Peninsula Food Bank is sponsoring another CANstruction food drive. Area civic organizations, businesses, corporations, churches, youth and school groups and individuals are invited to create sculptures out of canned and packaged food items. Sculptures can be set up at the Peninsula Center Mall Feb. 23-24 and must be completed by Feb. 25. The sculptures will remain on display at the mall through March 2 and pictures of all entries will be featured at the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank booth at the Village Fair March 2 at Soldotna High School.

Modeling takes Sterling teen around the world
Tracking down 18-year-old Charity Reasner of Sterling isn't always easy. In the past two years, she has been busy traveling the world. Though she's back home for a while, this month she can also be found in both YM and Seventeen magazines.

Peninsula People
Kenai man's son graduates from Air Force basic trainingStudents make dean's listsSoldotna student nominated to West PointKenai Historical Society elects officersKCHS announces Student of the Month

Club News
Elks table tennis tournament winners announced

Study suggests less than 8 hours sleep is good for health
CHICAGO -- Don't fret if you don't get eight hours of sleep a night -- new research suggests adults live longer if they get six or seven.

Georgina and Greg BraunGarnet Mace

'Living on Less' hints save money
There's a growing trend in America to simplify. I consider myself in a transition of simplifying my life as well. In a few weeks in this column I plan to share information about sustainable living. However, this week I want to feature a publication I received from the University of Missouri-Columbia titled "Living on Less."

Community Schools
This listing of Soldotna Community Schools classes beginning this week serves as a reminder for preregistered participants. Most classes require preregistration and prepayment.

Around the Peninsula
Presidents' Day closures set for MondayHomer health center closed for Presidents dayWomen invited to brunch, lecturesParts of Chugach National Forest open to ridersCIRCAC to meetRealtors to hold general meeting

My Best Friend
Mookie finds a comfortable spot to take a break and stretch out for a while between games of fetch. The photo was taken by his owner, Jay Barrett, who lives off Kalifornsky Beach Road, when they lived in Dillingham several years ago.

Crowell, Tapia marry in Kenai
Maggie Crowell and Jared Tapia, both of Soldotna, were married Friday, Jan. 4, 2002, at the Kenai Courthouse.

Around the Peninsula
Presidents' Day closures set for todayHomer health center closed for Presidents' DayIndependent Blind meets tonightSmall farms mini-series starts tonightJob fair update topic of Soldotna chamber meetingWomen invited to brunch, lectures'Caring for the Kenai' topic for Kenai chamberFish and Game Committee to discuss huntingMaster Gardeners present winter lecturesNorth Peninsula Chamber to meet Thursday

Photo: Kenai Commercial Store
This 1949 photo is of the inside view of the Kenai Commercial Store on Mission Avenue near the bluff in Old Town Kenai.

Making tracks
Debbie and Gerry Allen ski at the Kenai Golf Course Saturday afternoon. Fresh snow and moderate temperatures have helped to keep trails in good condition recently.

Iron Dog set for 19th year
The 2002 Tesoro Iron Dog 2000 Snowmobile Race is set to get revving today. The race is run north from Wasilla to Nome and then continues southeast from Nome to Fairbanks. The course covers a total of 1,838 miles and is the longest snowmachine race in the world.

Iron Dog route changes, follows Iditarod
WASILLA -- Organizers of the Iron Dog 2000 were planning to reroute the race this year to keep it off the Iditarod Trail as racers head for the Alaska Range. But the proposed route proved impassable, even for the racing machines.

No. 4 Oklahoma blitzes Kansas State in second half
NORMAN, Okla. -- Aaron McGhee scored 22 points, Jason Detrick had a career-high 21, and fourth-ranked Oklahoma used a 19-3 second-half run to break the game open and beat Kansas State 73-62 Saturday.

Bulldogs sweep Heritage
Nikiski's Sally Glaze and David Holloway both came up with solid second halves to lead the host Bulldogs to a sweep of District 3/3A foe Heritage Christian Friday night.

SoHi boys, SkyHi girls take titles
The day was crisp and clear. Eagles soared high above Nikiski and the sun shone just enough through the 30-degree air to warm the spirits of young competitors vying for the title of "the best."

Some Mormons stop Sabbath prohibitions
SALT LAKE CITY -- As an active Mormon, Edward Sommers usually tries to spend Sundays in church. This week, however, the mining engineer will be driving a bus between Salt Lake City and the Olympic venues.

Kenai Central cagers score sweep of Seward
The Kardinals dismantled Seward Saturday 60-34 in the Kenai gymnasium. Kenai was led in scoring by Erica Shinn, who contributed six buckets and 2-for-2 free-throws. Karli Knudsen added four buckets and three foul shots.

Wolverines beat Purdue
ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Shereka Wright scored 40 points Sunday to lead seventh-ranked Purdue to an 84-73 win over Michigan.

Soldotna skaters eliminated from state in consolation semis
The Soldotna High School hockey team's season ended quietly.

Terrapins close Cole on Duke
COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- The last guy out of the Cole Field House should have shut the lights, closed the door and put a padlock on the place.

Sports Briefs
Shannon falls off Quest trailFormer Packers Linebacker dead at 60Mattiace takes first PGA win

McCarron leads Nissan
LOS ANGELES -- Scott McCarron holed a 50-foot eagle putt from just off the 17th green for a 6-under 65 Saturday, giving him a one-stroke lead over Toru Taniguchi in the Nissan Open.

NFL expansion draft to open with Boselli leaving Jacksonville, moving to Houston
HOUSTON -- The Houston Texans are expected to turn to Jacksonville's first college draft pick ever as their top pick in Monday's expansion draft.

Skiles no longer coaching Phoenix
PHOENIX -- Scott Skiles stepped down as coach of the disappointing Phoenix Suns on Sunday and was replaced by assistant Frank Johnson.

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