In their words... Day offers student a look into the future

Posted: Wednesday, February 18, 2004

As juniors, most of us have no idea what we want to do with the rest of our lives. If you ask us about college, we just shake our heads and admit we don't have a clue where we want to go. At Kenai Central High School, the general majority of the 11th-graders could reply, "undecided" to practically every question about our futures.

That's why the Job Shadow Day is so important in our schools. Being given the opportunity to shadow any career we are interested in is an amazing opportunity, and not one of us took it for granted. It was an incredible day! From standing around nervously, eating doughnuts and waiting for our hosts to arrive, we were transformed into anything from police officers to artists. Upon our return to the school, everyone was talking as fast as they could, trying to share and listen at the same time.

Jessica Summer's only complaint about the hospital's emergency room experience was that "there weren't any emergencies," which really isn't that bad.

All of us got to try something new and exciting, an activity directly related to our careers. I am interested in photo journalism, and we got to go out into the community, report and take pictures of our fellow students at their job shadow experience.

The pilots really got to fly planes, causing one girl to get more than a little motion sick.

The teachers got to teach real classes, and the future radio hosts got to speak on the air about their opinions about the permanent fund dividend.

Each and every one of us is so lucky we were given this chance. It showed the good and the bad side of each job and directed either toward or against the career.

I am so appreciative to everyone who helped this Job Shadow Day go smoothly. It helped me answer one important question about the future.

Now if anyone asks me what I want to be when I grow up, I'll say, "I am going to be a photo journalist," and knock one thing off my "undecided" list for the future.

Kira Matiya is a junior at KCHS who spent Job Shadow Day with Clarion staff members.

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