Education keeps Peninsula residents here

Posted: Friday, February 18, 2011

I was unable to attend Tuesday's student protest at the Borough building, ironically because I was in class. However, I would like a chance to make my voice heard.

I am a student at KPC pursuing a bachelor's degree in Biology, a degree not currently offered on our campus. This means that in about a year, I will run out of course options at KPC and will be forced to complete my education in Anchorage. I would love to stay here on the Kenai Peninsula, where I am employed full-time and generally consider myself a productive member of society.

Cutting funds to KPC may solve a temporary problem with the budget, but is bad for our community's future. Without adequate funding, more students like me will be forced to head out of town or out of state to complete their education, and many of them will not return. Money spent on higher education is an investment in the workforce of tomorrow. Or maybe Mayor Carey would prefer the workforce of tomorrow settle for jobs at the new transfer station in Homer?

Melissa Humphrey, Soldotna

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