Income tax would fund government services better than piecemeal plan

Posted: Thursday, February 19, 2004

It was stimulating to witness the recent convention of Gov. Murkowski-sponsored delegates discussing Alaska's fiscal crisis and suggested remedies. The 55 in caucus recognized one possible and logical solution, the reimposition of the state income tax.

However, they pulled a typical legislative ploy, discretion better than valor, and omitted the suggestion in the final report. How discouraging!

Now the administration will continue to pursue additional onerous piecemeal tax bits, such as tobacco, liquor and pull-tab taxes, various tourism taxes and other taxes, but initially a permanent fund dividend to finance state government. That is, if their $1.4 million ad scheme is successful.

I hope this joint effort of the administration and Legislature goes down in flames. Come on, elected officials, get real. You've been milking this cow long enough.

Having seen you spend some $80 billion of oil revenue in the past 30 years, how long are we to believe the $27billion will last with your insatiable appetite to spend?

It is high time you attended to the job you were elected to do, serving the best interests of Alaska's citizens.

Get the Bush school program on a sound financial basis, fund the educational program realistically, support the local governments responsibly, support the veteran community as they deserve, provide for an adequate law enforcement budget, etc.

How should or can all this be funded, you ask. With an income tax. Then, should you fall short, you can come to your public and request additional funding from permanent fund earnings. Your citizenry suggests you make some meaningful decisions, should you wish to be re-elected.

Bob Harrison


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