Young Alaskans need to stand up against injustices against seniors

Posted: Thursday, February 19, 2004

Perhaps most young Alaskans don't realize what happened when Gov. Frank Murkowski vetoed the $250 longevity bonus. Senior citizens deserve this modest stipend to pay rent, utilities, fuel bills, purchase food and medical drugs, wheelchairs, canes and numerous medical paraphernalia while still having enough money left for some modest entertainment and to attend church on Sunday.

They have come up short and need your help. As of this date the Republican Senate still refuses to override this veto.

You could say we are your territorial mothers and fathers who pioneered and carved out of a vast frontier territorial wilderness a society for Alaskans with just a handshake, a number two shovel, no written contracts, no locked houses or car doors, and always ready to help one's neighbors with labor and extra food and clothing.

Yes, one might say we senior citizens are the inherited Alaska parents of this present day.

The fifth commandment of God states: "Honor they father and mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord they God giveth thee."

Mythological you are our kids that make up the great majority of young Alaskans endowed with territorial fathers and mothers and you must speak out about this injustice.

Wake up you young Alaskans and respond to this injustice to your inherited parents and obey the law of God, so as to avoid its curse!

Edward E. Bass


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