Reader: Wolf, wolf, wolf

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, February 19, 2007

Tick for tack: Commercial halibut comes in two forms, longline commercial and charter rod fishing. For the commercial longlines to limit rod caught charter fishing is to ignore the fact that a lot of charter clients are local Alaskans, so taking from many Alaskans their commonly used harvest method. Now catch monitoring exposes the alarming fact that bycatch of halibut from other forms of commercial fishing exceeds total sports caught halibut by some 3 million pounds.

That’s right folks, the big boys are throwing more back dead and wasted than they can bear to see us catch without crying wolf. Well wolf, wolf, wolf. I for one am tired of this resource being wasted.

New rules anyone?

How about to do business as a commercial fisher in Alaska you must by law provide storage and transportation of all bycaught halibut from these fishing activities and surrender those fish to the state and processing must be available for this catch. And if that isn’t enough to stop there greed, we’ll have them surrender all dead chickens from longlining.

Dennis Barnard


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