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Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm an Obama supporter, and I was so proud and overwhelmed by all the amazing people who showed up to support him at our local Democratic caucus. Many people showed up whom I never would have imagined supporting a Democrat. I won't name any names so you can continue to live harmoniously with your Republican brethren.

I was, however, surprised and dismayed at some of the reasons people refuse to support Hillary Clinton. Everything from "she's a woman" to "just look in her eye, she's evil" and "just look at her hair, she's evil."

I'm far from Hillary's biggest fan, and I've written anti-Hillary pieces in the past, but I'd like to see some rational thought go into why people support their candidates.

For me, I'd much rather support someone who didn't vote to send us to this war. That's one reason I voted for Barack. Also, he voted in support of a bill to ban the military's use of cluster bombs in civilian areas. Cluster bombs routinely kill civilians, are counter-intuitive to rebuilding war-torn communities and are banned by 150 countries. Hillary voted against the ban, so as not to appear "soft on terror." Obama calculated morally. Clinton calculated politically.

I also support Obama because I think he's got a much better chance of beating John "More wars! War, war, war, war, war! I'm John McCain and I approve this message" McCain. Believe it or not, that's his God-given name. Check his birth certificate.

These are just a few of many reasons to support Obama over Clinton. Heck, even Hillary's past service on Wal-Mart's board of directors seems to me to be a much better reason for not supporting her than the popular "just look in her eyes."

However, there are also reasons to support Clinton over Obama, and I respect anyone's choice to support her, too. It has to be difficult to be a woman running for president, and it's exciting that our Democratic frontrunners are a woman and an African-American.

Obama needed to survive Super Tuesday to remain viable, and he did. He also swept the states that had caucuses and primaries. The gambling sites are favoring Obama in getting the nomination. If, however, Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, I will fight hard for her. That's another reason I'm supporting Obama. If he gets the nomination, I won't have to fight so hard.

Lester Nelson


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