Health care reform opponents have been duped

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010

To all of you who opposed health care reform or who did nothing to support it, can't you see that we're being played for fools? The insurance companies used our premium payments to influence our legislators to oppose reform -- just ask Senator Murkowski how much she received! Then they funded TV ads to convince us that changing the system is risky. I guess it worked.

Now that health care reform is on the rocks, the insurance companies are boldly increasing premiums as much as 39 percent! These master manipulators realize that nothing can stop them; they've bought off the people who are supposed to protect us and now they control the way we think about reform because they control the media. Ironically, they have actually become a form of cancer that could snuff out our nation.

Maybe we should start from scratch; this time, let's support a bill for a single-payer Canadian-style system that will cure us of our case of insurance company cancer for good! It's a simple, fair, inexpensive solution.

Eric Treider


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