Proud to be an Alaskan

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010

I have lived here in Alaska all my life and we Alaskans are much more caring for each other than I did see in the states. We don't leave each other on the side of the road -- not yet anyway. I believe that behavior and attitude toward things is why we Alaskans did not feel the financial pains that the states did. Not really, we had money Sarah Palin gave everyone $1,200 before she started her president stuff with McCain and then we got the PFDs. And not to mention that many give to the nonprofits. There are a greater number of Alaskans willing to give to help in a cause then what there appears to be in the states.

I think we need to pat ourselves on the back and keep helping each other out of the ditch. The click, pick and give program is good way for the programs to solicit funding. They are making Alaska stronger and giving those that fall in the ditch a second chance, because real success happens from those that fall and get back up. Thanks to all us Alaskans there are people that care about people they don't know and may never know.

Debra Scarlett


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