A dividend we make for ourselves

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010

The Soldotna Chamber of Commerce and the City of Soldotna have recently begun a campaign to encourage residents to do business with local merchants.

Yep, it's another push to "buy local." You've heard it before. We've editorialized in favor of it before. Nothing necessarily new in that.

This time around, though, the Soldotna folks took the time to paint us a picture.

A full-page spread in the Clarion earlier this week gave a graphic example of how a dollar spent locally stays within a loop -- right here, locally. Buy your groceries and sundries locally, some of that money goes to the shipper who operates right her. In turn that shipper buys fuel locally. Shop at a local hardware store, and some of that money may go to support the Boys and Girls Club -- right here.

Just follow the roadmap and it all makes sense.

The alternative? Shopping out of town or online. That road leads off the edge of the page to a dead end. A dollar that goes to Amazon.com goes to Seattle and beyond.

Just like the rest of the nation, our economic recovery is not guaranteed. Every glimmer of hope we've seen recently -- more housing starts, dips in the unemployment figures, a few more tourist inquiries -- remain offset by uncertainty, doubt and plain old fear.

Soldotna's effort is a proactive attempt to take some control of its own destiny and make a difference where it can. They're drawing a picture, so it's easy to understand.

And it's not just a message for Soldotna. The message rings true across the Peninsula.

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