God wants to lead us through obstacles

Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010

I like bridges.

While there are many engineering details I take for granted, I am into their main function: to get me to the other side! In fact, my whole family likes our local bridges and we sing about it! Every time we cross a bridge over the Kenai River, my three kids lead a chorus chant of "Kenai River, Kenai River, Kenai River" until we make it to the other side. Then it's back to a book, snack, or conversation and of course the joy of successfully making it to the other side. I have crossed many rivers in my life and bridges have worked well for me. Ferries, are fine, an occasional jump has done the job to get me to the other side, but sometimes there is no way to make it across and a river becomes a huge obstacle.

In the Bible, Joshua 3 chronicles how God worked with the nation of Israel to bring them to the Promise land. God had led Israel out of slavery in Egypt and on the way through the desert, Israel had many obstacles to overcome. Because of unbelief, Israel was left to wander in the desert for 40 years. The time had passed and now they could almost taste the relief of their destination, but there was one major obstacle - the Jordan River. Normally the river was 80 feet across, but at harvest time it was over a mile wide. For three days they waited on God to direct their steps. God came through and did an amazing thing: God made the water "pile up in a heap"(verse 16) and He took them through the river on dry ground!

God encouraged the people to "look up" to him for instructions (3:1-4) so they would know he is the mighty One who can remove obstacles. The Israelites were also told to "get ready and get in" (3:5, 9-13) as an act of faith and trust in God. As over a million people journeyed to the other side on dry land, God told them to "get out" (v.16-17) and remember all that He has down for them. God provided a "bridge" of dry land for the Israelites and overcame their obstacle.

We all face obstacles in our lives with our families, health, relationships, jobs, memories, achievements, setbacks, etc. I have found that he can handle any obstacle in my life as well. The challenge is the same for us today to step out in faith to trust God. God encourages us on the way with guidance and as we lay our obstacles before God, he will take us through the rivers of our lives. God wants to lead us through obstacles to a place where we can overflow with his goodness and enjoy abundant life. Will you let Him be your 'bridge' today?

The mission of The River Covenant Church is to "Overflow with Christ, Community and Calling" and we are continuing to grow as a community of followers of Jesus. As a new church we are having preview services on Feb. 28 and March 28 at the Kenai Boys and Girls Club at 705 Frontage Road in Kenai. The service is at 10 a.m. and we have a program for kids as well. For more information contact Pastor Frank Alioto at 252-2828 or see us on the web at www.therivercovenantchurch.org.

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