Ketchikan drivers get too close to video store

Posted: Friday, February 21, 2003

KETCHIKAN (AP) -- A video store took an accidental pounding from two members of a Ketchikan family Monday night.

A 17-year-old girl making a return to Blockbuster Video said the brakes on her 1982 pickup truck failed and the truck rolled into the store.

Her 49-year-old father came to her rescue, backed the truck out of the store, pulled it around to the side of the building and bumped into it again.

No one was injured in the accidents.

Michelle Troll was inside the store when the truck made its appearance.

''It was one of those slow-motion moments,'' Troll said. ''It was very, very, very loud.''

She ran outside to see what had happened. Two girls dressed for Ketchikan High School's Winter Ball emerged from the truck and were quite upset, Troll said.

''They were apologetic, they were concerned about the damage and this was not what they had planned for their evening,'' Troll said.

Store manager Maila Aguila was called back to the store from a dinner break.

''The front of the girl's truck was inside the store,'' Aguila said.

The impact knocked movies onto the floor. Shattered glass covered a large area, she said.

The girl told police she was returning a movie when her brakes failed. She said the vehicle rolled forward and struck the building, said Police Lt. Alan Bengaard.

Craig Cobb of Anchorage, vice president of Border Enterprises, owner of the Blockbuster franchise in Ketchikan, said the girl's father drove the car out of the store but then bumped into the side of the building.

The second impact caused only a dent but knocked down all the videos on that wall.

Border Enterprises has hired a contractor to estimate repair costs.

Bengaard said police do not plan to issue citations.

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