Games not an essential use of taxpayer money

Posted: Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It seems there is a new version of Swine virus spreading on the Kenai Peninsula. It’s called Pork Barrel Flu. The previous administration was infected with it and the leftover members of that administration seem to have rapidly infected the new administration.

The next time Mayor Williams comes crying to us about the budget shortfall and how you will have to throw your children off the bluff unless we can raise your taxes to pay for services and schools, remind him of the millions we, the taxpayers, are throwing at the Arctic Winter Games, and the “just had to have” new 911 building (again millions) that CES is now not going to move into.

The skiing events, I understand, are not even to be held on the Peninsula. Will the Anchorage municipality, which will be enjoying all the benefits, also be donating part of this latest $500,000 we are expected to cough up?

My question is, “What part of necessary government services are the Arctic Winter Games?” They are a nice philanthropic effort, but whom will they benefit in the end. Certainly “NOT” those that are being forced to pay for them.

If the return on ticket sales are such a sure thing, why doesn’t the ‘host group’ go to the bank for funds and repay the loan from the proceeds? We, the taxpayers of the Kenai Peninsula will be paying for this debacle for years to come it now appears to me.

John R. Midkiff


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