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Posted: Thursday, February 22, 2001

Coalition shows its true colors by getting water study on list

Well, the Community Rivers Planning Coalition got its way. Despite the failure of the motion to support its request to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly at the Anchor River Advisory and Planning Commission meeting, the coalition talked the assembly into placing the request for a "water study" to be done by the United States Geological Survey on the assembly's federal legislative priority list.

Now, to the tune of $1 million of the taxpayers' money, we will be the proud recipients of "facts." And what will these "facts" be used for, you may ask?

According to the Community Rivers Planning Coalition, they will be available to support "responsible development."

When asked what else these facts can be used for, assemblywoman Milli Martin and planning commissioner Ann Bayes agree that they can "also be used for litigation." And according to Duane Christensen, they "should be used for regulation."

Combine this attitude with the coalition's desire to establish "trailheads," which will limit access to the backcountry to only certain places; its plan to establish "trail easements," which will limit backcountry travel; its idea to limit river and stream crossings by all ATVs, which will make criminals of any who cross a stream other than in the designated place (hunters beware!); along with the crazy notion that section line easements can't be used for roads because there happens to be a ski trail crossing it, and the arrogant assumption that one way to guarantee the use of a trail is to use and maintain it until the landowner kicks you off and then sue for prescriptive use and you get the picture that the only responsible development the coalition is interested in is self interest and non-development.

After all, one of their members has been quoted as saying, "What we need is one less bridge south of Soldotna." Now, if there is any question as to the true motives of these sore losers of the gravel pit fight, let it be clear before us all now.

Despite what its members say, CRPC is clearly an anti-development, environmentalist special interest group whose clandestine goal is to lock it up and lock you out.

Doug Ruzicka, Anchor Point

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