Reader: Funding AWG not acceptable

Posted: Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Should we give another $500,000 to the Arctic Winter Games? I don’t think so! It is time for those promoting this event to admit their incompetence and accept the consequences.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough’s “bid” to host Arctic Winter Games 2006 was $5,044,533. Juneau bid $4,400,000 and Fairbanks bid $2,400,000. When the Municipality of Anchorage hosted the Arctic Winter Games, Anchorage only spent $100,000 of municipal funds, with $800,000 from the state, the balance from private donations, and NO federal tax dollars.

Why was all that “extra” money required in 2006? I can guarantee that none of the borough assembly members know how the money was actually spent nor how much “volunteer” time was provided at our expense. Only a forensic audit will reveal the whole ugly truth.

When AWG 2006 was first debated, the assembly promised three things to the public. First, that this would be “economic development” for the whole borough. Second, that borough taxpayers are not liable for debt incurred by the “host” society. Third, it will “only” cost taxpayers $500,000 with most funding coming from corporate sponsors.

It is not acceptable for our public officials to lie to citizens. In the game of baseball, you’re OUT after the third strike. That rule also applies to borough assembly members.

Vicki Pate


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