Thursday, February 22, 2007

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Chambers set schedules HEA to upgrade meters Small business center hosts workshops Youth cooking classes Food bank fundraiser set to build JA seeks volunteers Wine tasting fundraiser set Chrysler launches design contest Made in Alaska workshops slated Employers can learn how to train others

Time to stand up for sportfishing
Proposal No. 245 to Limit Dipnetting? Why? To increase profits to the commercial sector at the expense of fellow Alaskan’s trying to fill their freezer for the year. The commercial sector appears to want all the halibut and salmon for themselves. It does not matter that they already take over 90 percent of the catch now, they want more! Help put a stop to this by going to the Web site and supporting the fight for the sportfishermen of Alaska.

Reader pans critic’s choices
You had a guy review a major chick film and then let him suggest romantic Valentine’s movies to watch at home? Are you out of your minds? Sure, “Because I Said So” wasn’t great art. But it was great fun, especially if you are female of mature years like me and my best pal who laughed along with me at the movie on Saturday. I don’t care what the critics say, I gave them my money and won’t be spending a dime on the one-big-fat-joke “Norbit” or the disgusting “Hannibal Rising.”

Jesus set the proper example
As a follower of Jesus, I would like to apologize for the letter (Jan 29) that said, “It’s time to stomp out atheists in America.” Interestingly, when Jesus was on earth He had the opportunity to get rid of the “unbelievers” and purify Israel. Most Israelites expected the long-awaited Messiah to come and overthrow the occupying Roman government. Jesus lost many followers because He refused to do so, stating, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

God deliberately not mentioned in Constitution
Alice Shannon’s letter to the editor (Jan. 29) is the most ignorant and unconstitutional thing I have ever read!

Proposal hurts Alaskans
My comment on proposal No. 245 that Mr. Steve Vanek made to limit the fishing on the Kenai River to 2 fish per person and stop the dipnetting is that his proposal hurts more people than he realizes. Just because he thinks that commercial fisheries should get all the fish is not reason enough that Alaskan families should be shorted. Alaskan fish should be for ALL Alaskans. I am going on 76 and dipnetting is about the only way I can get the fish we eat for the rest of the year. I am too old to try to stand on a slick or brushy bank, or in the mud to fish. I think my quota of 35 is nothing compared to Mr. Vanek’s, and his by-catch that he throws away is considerably more than 35 fish. I think Mr. Vanek’s’ greed is overcoming any concern he should have for his fellow Alaskans. Many Alaskans depend on this fishery for their food for the winter.

Big Brother is watching the farm
Are you aware that through a United States Department of Agriculture program (National Animal Identification System), every farm animal will be implanted with a microchip? Talk about “mark of the beast!” And if you refuse to comply (naturally at your expense), your animals will be seized, destroyed, and you will be heavily fined.

Craft fair a sweet success
Soldotna Community Schools’ recent Valentine’s Craft Fair was a heartwarming success! This annual event, co-sponsored by the Soldotna High School National Honor Society, hosted many creative children and their parents. Children visited several craft tables, with an opportunity to “make and take” Valentine themed items. The NHS students helped the children to create a variety of crafts, ranging from heart face pencil toppers to heart shaped treat pockets.

Founding fathers were strong Christians
Declaring myself neither saint nor scholar, I submit this missive countering Mr. Bucher (Feb. 8):

Dipnetting an opportunity for residents to take salmon
I have just finished reading the article about proposed limits for dipnetting. I am so steamed at this point I hope that my message will be clear to Mr. Vanek of Ninilchik. I have lived in Alaska since 1980, I watched the mess on the river every season grow bigger and bigger each year, with more and more boats that at this point, from what I understand, are polluting the river with the discharge from their engines and also doing damage to the river bank. I really would like to know how many of those boats belong to residents of Alaska, or the peninsula for that matter? If we are going to keep the people who live here from dipnetting so they can have food through the winter then I believe that we should limit the numbers of non-Alaska residents guiding on the river. This also brings another question to my mind: How many of the commercial fisherman out there are nonresidents? Maybe they need to be restricted also. After all, we need to be fair now, don’t we? I really need to make you straight about something, as for being a recreational activity — NOT! — the only reason I do what I do is to have salmon in my freezer and not have to pay the prices in the stores for something that I can get on my own even if it is for only one month. This brings me to another point, and I quote, “It also affects the sportfishing because dipnetters are taking fish before hook-and-line fishermen get a crack at them.” Well excuse me! How long can sport fisherman fish? Well? As I said, we get one month to dipnet. Look, I know that the wrath of God is going to come down on your head Mr. Vanek so be prepared. I know a lot of folks who dipnet; I have done it for senior citizens who cannot dipnet for themselves and need the food value that salmon can give them. Let me ask you this: Are you a commercial fisherman?

Fair access wanted
Fair access wanted

Mountain View, Sears to combine for 2007-08 school year
The Kenai Peninsula Borough school board on Monday reluctantly voted to consolidate Sears and Mountain View elementary schools in Kenai, and to offer the Sears Elementary building to Kaleidoscope School of Arts and Science, a district charter school.

Senior exemption left alone
An ordinance that would have capped the unlimited exemption from property taxes allowed seniors citizens and disabled veterans earned a narrow one-vote defeat at introduction at Tuesday’s meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly.

Plans to deliver gas to southern Kenai Peninsula moving ahead
Homer and the lower Kenai Peninsula could be consuming natural gas by the end of the decade if Enstar Natural Gas Company sees its plans come to fruition.

Cooper Landing responders to form single agency
Separate firefighting and ambulance units in Cooper Landing have tentatively agreed to become one corporation to be called Cooper Landing Emergency Services Inc., and enter a new lease for borough property each has used for more than 20 years.

Public invited to learn more about decision-making process to limit charter anglers
In the wake of last month’s decision by the International Pacific Halibut Commission to restrict guided sport-caught halibut catches in Alaska, controversy has raged.

Public hearings on increase planned
The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly voted 6-3 Tuesday to introduce an ordinance proposing to increase the borough’s 2-percent sales tax to 3 percent on July 1.

Bartender put gun in Rogers’ hand
The Beluga bartender and girlfriend of Shawn Rogers told jurors Wednesday that she handed Rogers’ gun to him minutes before the killing of which he is accused.

Around the Peninsula
Flight instructors take wing KCHS after-grad meeting scheduled Senior Olympics continue Hospital directors to meet Builders nail down meeting Softball association seeks members SoHi after-prom committee to meet Pop Warner seeks volunteers Wine tasting fundraiser slated Snowmachine fundraiser set to ride Food bank fundraiser set to build

Around the Peninsula
Safari activities set Little League registration begins CPCS board to meet Youth Court offered Influenza, pandemic response to be discussed Swim lessons offered in Nikiski Asperger’s syndrome meeting slated Mother, daughter tea poised

Legislators look at water access
Sorry, you know you just can’t get there from here.

Ghost Rider: More ghastly than ghostly
n this competitive day and age, the job market can be pretty tough, especially if your degree is from the school of hard knocks and not some prissy Ivy League corporate farm team. Looking for adventure? How about opportunity for travel and the chance to meet interesting, though nefarious, new people?

Peninsula Clarion - Pulse

Peninsula Clarion - Pulse

Performers stage ‘Beauty and the Beast&rsquo
“The story is, as it says in the well-known song from it, ‘A Tale as Old as Time.’ And my idea of what that tale is, is not only a love story, because it is that. But it’s also a story of growing up, and coming to understand that if you’re going to act ugly, then you will be ugly. And that, in time, if you can learn to be kind, then that’s what’s going to come across to people and what’s going to make you fully human. And all the people around you will become less than human if they have to deal with you, in your ugly state.”

Peninsula Clarion - Schools

Personal struggles help author feel empathy for others
Four days before my first birthday I was in South Peninsula Hospital having surgery for an infection in my neck. From the time I was born I’d been on one antibiotic after another and doctors said I had a weak autoimmune system. After being tested for numerous ailments during the years, I was diagnosed with asthma at age 11 and took a daily Singulair pill and used an inhaler, which didn’t help much. I got my tonsils and adenoids taken out at 13 after having strep throat nine times in one year, but that seemed to have minimum effect.

KPC student union actively promoting their agenda to the public
After the trip to the state capital, student union officers want to take the same message they took to the legislators in Juneau to the public here on the peninsula. The student union president, Danielle Pettijohn, says their work is not done until the public embraces the concept that the University of Alaska needs to be a priority in the state’s budget plan.

Soldotna's Mucha possibly looking at top-10 finish
Knowing it’s been accomplished as recently as last season, Soldotna’s Kailey Mucha should feel less apprehensive.

Fighting back
Tommy Morrison was in his hotel room, talking about life, love and Mike Tyson when he suddenly grew silent for a couple of seconds.

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