Proposal hurts Alaskans

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Thursday, February 22, 2007

My comment on proposal No. 245 that Mr. Steve Vanek made to limit the fishing on the Kenai River to 2 fish per person and stop the dipnetting is that his proposal hurts more people than he realizes. Just because he thinks that commercial fisheries should get all the fish is not reason enough that Alaskan families should be shorted. Alaskan fish should be for ALL Alaskans. I am going on 76 and dipnetting is about the only way I can get the fish we eat for the rest of the year. I am too old to try to stand on a slick or brushy bank, or in the mud to fish. I think my quota of 35 is nothing compared to Mr. Vanek’s, and his by-catch that he throws away is considerably more than 35 fish. I think Mr. Vanek’s’ greed is overcoming any concern he should have for his fellow Alaskans. Many Alaskans depend on this fishery for their food for the winter.

Richard Whitney

Anchor Point

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