Reader: You are not taxpayers' responsibility

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, February 22, 2008

The Feb. 12 paper (Schools section) had a story about a teen mom. She blamed everyone but her and the father. 1) No one told her not to have sex; 2) The media makes it cool to have sex; 3) Birth control prices are high because of greedy companies; and 4) It feels good. Not one good excuse!

Try this: 1) Take responsibility for your actions; 2) Do not blame others; 3) Do not have sex until marriage, even though it feels good; and 4) It is not the job of state, federal government or taxpayers to make sure everyone has health insurance, a home to live in or even food. Take responsibility for yourself and your family.

She had money for her past drug issues, but not for birth control. She now has an IUD because of medicaid/taxpayers. That's nice. I know you and the father always want to feel good.

Grow up, get jobs and support yourselves! I'm a taxpayer that helps pay for you and your baby and all the others. This will surprise all of you, as a taxpayer, it doesn't feel good!

It's time high schools set up day cares. Charge like everyone else and use the money for a nurse, food and insurance. Make it mandatory that every student spend at least one week, full school days, helping. After feeding, changing dirty diapers and taking care of the babies, most teens would feel different.

This would be a good reality check.

Richard Ziehmer Sr.


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