Tuesday, February 23, 2010

During my 55 years of life, I have traveled to 33 different states and have spent time either fishing or hunting in most of them, sometimes even doing both. That makes for a whole lot of hunting and fishing partners all across the United States. Some of these outdoor people I will never forget, and others well you know, they can never seem to tell the truth. You know the type; when they start telling another tale, the others in your group roll their eyes and mumble "Oh no. here he goes again".

Art exhibit adds to school
Students at Ninilchik School recently completed and installed a permanent art exhibit, "Fish in the School," thanks to Homer artist, Lynn Marie Naden, and the Alaska State Council on the Arts. Ninilchik's Artist in Schools program helped all Ninilchik's K-12 students learn the process of creating colorful paper pulp sculpture. Ninilchik School would especially like to thank the many parent and community volunteers that helped make this program a success.

Who really triggers violence?
Timothy McVeigh's alleged connection with the militia is held by many to be the reason for his actions in Oklahoma City. Now rumors are circling that anti-government rhetoric, common among many dissenting groups triggered the tragic actions of Joseph Stack who burned his house and flew his plane into the Austin, Texas, IRS building last week.

State Sovereignty a distant memory
More of the free press is reporting the risks of our increasing debt. In a recent Clarion article, the most optimistic experts give us until 2020, when 80 percent of the taxes collected will go toward Social Security, Medicare, other benefits and interest on the debt. For decades this Nation has not lived within its means. We have created one economic bubble after another. From President Reagan to President Obama both parties have grown the debt. We hear about future balanced budgets, they never develop.

Other regions should take a cue from northern neighbors
I watched a show called "The Wrath of God" on the History Channel. It actually chronicled the "Buffalo Blizzard of 1977." President at the time, Jimmy Carter, made Buffalo and its outlying areas a "Federal Disaster Area. "The temps dropped, people died, storm of the century type thing. Today, 33 years later, now any change in weather is labled "global warming" when actually it is a cycle, kind of like the trends in a Farmer's Almanac. I know we have affected the world as humans, with cars and factories, I get it. However, this type of stuff has been occuring every single year and the places hit with snow are unprepared, and die because they don't know how to survive.

Stop corporate personhood
Corporations are not people and they have no soul. Why we would give them rights, or "corporate personhood," when they are not held accountable for their actions, is simply ridiculous to me. People with rights and souls, are held accountable for their actions in this country. We have built in ways to do this. Corporations have no conscious and no soul. We (the supreme court) just made a huge mistake giving soulless, profit making corporations personhood. We need our government to govern people, to manage corporations, even, to keep them under control. Corporations seek our protection, and they just got it. This is absolutely ridiculous! Greed cannot run the world. It takes a conscience. Pay attention here. Stop corporate personhood now.

River concerns remain: Study: Kenai overuse solutions remain murky
Users of the Kenai River might recognize that the resource is overused, but few are willing to use it any less, according to preliminary findings from a Department of Natural Resources-funded study unveiled last week.

Today's paper is boroughwide
The Peninsula Clarion is distributing approximately 33,000 newspapers throughout the Kenai Peninsula Borough today. Included with the paper is the Borough's annual foreclosure list on real property, which state law requires to be published annually; as well as delinquent personal property tax list, which borough code requires to be distributed annually.

Kenai hopes to attract flocks of birders: Groups get nest egg to educate visitors, locals
The Kenai Convention & Visitors Bureau and Kenai Birders are hoping to market the Peninsula as a wildlife-viewing mecca by enhancing the Kenai wildlife viewing platform and trail as well as beginning a winter birding celebration.

'A bad dream': Witness said she found Lister's glasses through clairvoyant episode
The witness who can provide one of the clearest timelines in the state's case against Jimmy Eacker also claims to have found a critical piece of evidence after having an illuminating dream.

90-day session hastens Legislature's work rate
Alaska's 2010 legislative session is one-third of the way toward the April 19 adjournment, and the pace of meetings and hallway lobbying in the Capitol has picked up as the limitations of what can be accomplished in a 90-day session sinks in with lawmakers and constituent groups.

Avalanche victim found
Searchers recovered the body of an Anchorage man who was buried in a Feb. 13 avalanche in the Kenai Mountains on Monday afternoon.

KPB mayor looks back; talks about future plan: Dave Carey discusses administration hits, misses
In an hour-long interview with the Peninsula Clarion last week, Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Dave Carey assessed his administration and discussed future plans. He expressed a commitment to fiscal conservatism that he said will include job cuts in his upcoming budget proposal. Carey also indulged our request to assign himself a letter grade for his mayoral performance to date. What follows is an edited transcript of Friday's interview:

Seasonal flu yet to come: Officials encourage precautions
The death on Feb. 10 of Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies Director Terry Shepherd from complications of the H1N1 flu does not show a resurgence of the pandemic that first hit Alaska and Homer last June. Shepherd, 45, died at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. Hers is the 13th H1N1 death in Alaska and the first laboratory-confirmed H1N1 death in the state since Nov. 28.

Around the Peninsula

Miracles to be discussed

Best Friends
Mike and Bekki Hatten of Kalifornsky Beach said, "This is Tristin, Abby and Christina getting ready to go trick or treating last Halloween. Abby is a 7-Month old boxer."

Relieving Haiti: Students help earthquake victims
World leaders are asking for record amounts of humanitarian aid for earthquake-devastated Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and 5,000 miles away, students at several Kenai Peninsula Borough School District schools have responded.

Organizing Haiti benefit a stressful, rewarding experience
The recent earthquake in Haiti had a devastating effect on millions of people all across the world. Despite government issues and feuding countries we sucked it up and partnered with many nations to help aid in the relief effort for Haiti. Such charity events were scattered throughout America, with everyone coming together for benefits that contributed their proceeds to helping, in any way they could, a country torn apart by an incredible disaster.

Summer course registration opens at KPC
Web and walk-in registration for 2010 summer classes at KPC's Kenai River Campus is now open for everybody, including high school senior JumpStart students. Students who will be seniors for the 2010-11 school year are eligible to be take up to six credits at the discounted JumpStart price of $45 per credit during the summer semester. There are more than 45 classes offered, with lots of general education required courses available.

Spelling bee winners
Soldotna Middle School Spelling Bee winner Bryan Dombovy, 8th grade, and the runner-up, Taryn McCubbins, 7th grade on Jan. 21. The guest reader was Steve Atwater, district superintendent.

Around the District

School board to meet

Area racers scratch from Iron Dog
All three of the racers from the Kenai Peninsula in the 27th Iron Dog snowmachine race have scratched. Racers are struggling with low-snow and warm conditions.

Davis competes in snocross
Cory Davis of Soldotna competed in the International Series of Champions, Inc., Championship Snocross Series on Friday through Sunday. Davis was at the Canadian Nationals in Sarnia, Ontario.

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