Other regions should take a cue from northern neighbors

Posted: Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I watched a show called "The Wrath of God" on the History Channel. It actually chronicled the "Buffalo Blizzard of 1977." President at the time, Jimmy Carter, made Buffalo and its outlying areas a "Federal Disaster Area. "The temps dropped, people died, storm of the century type thing. Today, 33 years later, now any change in weather is labled "global warming" when actually it is a cycle, kind of like the trends in a Farmer's Almanac. I know we have affected the world as humans, with cars and factories, I get it. However, this type of stuff has been occuring every single year and the places hit with snow are unprepared, and die because they don't know how to survive.

Every year we hear/see it on the news how back East they have it so bad. Maybe they should take on what we Alaskans do. Keep plenty of plows for winter around, plus learn how to survive the winters! Bundle up, keep extra blankets and gloves/coats hats in the back of your truck or car in a tote or something to keep them clean, along with flares, a shovel and a good tool kit. It could save your life! Maybe Don Young can say something to their congressman as a suggestion -- I would!

Kara Steele


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