Victim wants answers

Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2011

I was hit by a drunk driver on Jan. 8, 2011.

The drunk was driving north out of Nikiski about 45-50 mph, and I was driving south into Nikiski between 50 or 55 mph. The drunk lost control of his truck and slid sideways into my lane. I had just enough time to yell "hold on" to my 17-week-old lab puppy. I hit the truck on the passenger side at the rear of the cab.

My seatbelt and my airbag saved my life. Unfortunately, my puppy was not so lucky.

The drunk driver in the other vehicle regained consciousness, bailed out, and ran. I was transported to CPH while the troopers searched for the other driver, I was given X-rays and some pain reliever, I showed them I could walk and was released.

The other driver eluded the troopers for around three hours before being caught.

A trooper came to my residence to question me, he informed me that they had caught the guy and that he was extremely intoxicated and had also been smoking marijuana. He informed me that this guy had previously been cited for multiple DUI's and other drug charges. The guy had no insurance, had a revoked drivers license, and the vehicle was not even registered to him. Someone had apparently sold him the truck, had not reported selling it, didn't see his license, and they didn't get a bill of sale. That is one of the reasons it took the troopers so long to catch the driver.

I am looking for answers, I want to know how this guy with previous DUI charges and previous drug charges was able to get a vehicle? How did he drive it for months and crash into me, and kill my dog. Am I in the wrong if I think this guy should be locked up for attempted murder? He had been cited in the past and warned with slaps on the wrist, he ignored these and continued to drink and drive! He put my life along with all other lives on that road in danger, he knew that risk and ignored it.

What will it take to keep multiple DUI offenders off the roads for good? The only way is for repeat offenders to stay behind bars for good, throw away the key! What if I wasn't so lucky that night? My fianc would be raising our 16-month-old daughter alone. Or what if it was your kids or your spouse who weren't so lucky?

We need our courts to quit being so lenient on these drunk drivers around here. They need to make a point that it is not OK to drink and drive. Whatever they are doing now isn't getting the point across. They need hard time, make them pay for what they do.

Christopher McMurray, Sterling

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