Financial Danger Signals

Posted: Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Extension Home Economist Diane Helmuth of Lawrence, Kan., put together the following list of questions for families to ask themselves. If you can say yes to any of these questions it can be an indicator that you should re-evaluate your spending habits. Is an increasing amount of your income going to pay off debts? Are you at or to the limit of your lines of credit? Are you paying bills with money earmarked for other things? Are you borrowing to pay for items that you used to pay for with cash? Are you late in paying your bills? Are you using savings to pay current bills? Is your savings margin inadequate or nonexistent? Do you take out a new loan before you pay the old on off? Do you put off medical or dental visits because you cannot afford them? Are you being threatened with repossession of items or other legal action? Are you working overtime to make ends meet? If you lost your job, would you be in immediate financial difficulty? Are you unsure about how much you owe? Do you worry a lot about money?

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