Permanent fund earnings will be needed more in future, not today

Posted: Wednesday, February 25, 2004

What about the future?

For years the public has been asking for a smaller, more efficient government. This request has fallen on deaf ears. Excessive state spending has gone on with total disregard for Alaska's future.

The Legislature is faced with a spending crisis of its own making again this year and wants to use permanent fund earnings to get bailed out.

The Legislature should evaluate the real cause of this fiscal crisis and consider appropriate long-term solutions to solve it.

Legislators must refuse to be swayed by special interest lobbyists or bureaucrats, who insist spending public money for their programs must continue forever. Collectively the Legislature and governor need to recognize the fact that current unsustainable state spending must end before essential services are disrupted.

Money in the permanent fund must be kept for when it will really be needed. When the oil revenues are gone, and that will happen, there needs to be a savings account to help pay for essential government services.

If we let them blow the permanent fund now, there will be nothing left, and few options available for future generations. Is this the legacy we want to leave our grandchildren? I don't think so!

Any legislator failing to recognize this over-spending problem and deal with it in a realistic manner is not worthy to represent me in the future.

Laurie Churchill

North Kenai

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