Friday, February 25, 2011

Business Briefs

Chambers set schedules

Brothers return to pilot roots with Homer air charter service
HOMER (AP) -- Brothers Gary and Tim Brandenberg aren't new to airplanes. They flew around the Kenai Peninsula with their father when they were growing up in the Kenai area. As teenagers, after the family moved to Texas, they pursued their own interests in flying.

Let's tone down the rhetoric
One of the Clarion's more prolific contributors to your paper again gave us his view on how all of us should think. Today's was the same theme that he has used for each of his letters for the past six months -- to blame Gov. Palin, Fox News, The Tea Party, Republicans, people who oppose a Mosque at ground zero, etc. He just tosses in words like "pimp," "Palin-style death panel," "disgust with Sarah Palin," "monsters," "pay-offs," "evil artistry," "political profiteers like Sarah Palin" and "me-first Tea Party" to round out his opinion on that day's topic of choice.

Letter writer apologizes for actions
Hello, my name is Chaunce Hoxie, and last year for two months I was running around town breaking into people's houses, stealing their belongings, and terrorizing the neighborhood. I am writing this to tell the people that I did this to that I am sorry. I know saying this won't change what I did or fix the damage I caused, but I have to start fixing what I did somewhere. I have been in the Wildwood Correctional Center for 12 months and I have had a lot of time to reflect on what I did and how everyone must have felt. Losing your belongings that you worked hard to get and keep. Who am I to take your things? No one should have to worry in the safety of their own home. I will be returning to Anchor Point on Feb. 6, 2011, to start a new life and not make the same mistakes, to turn a new page in my life and look to the future. I ask for forgiveness from all of you for what I did and hope we can build a new trust between us. And I am sorry.

Victim wants answers
I was hit by a drunk driver on Jan. 8, 2011.

No commitments and dubious future
Two billion dollars a year out of Alaska's pocket and no commitment from the oil companies to start drilling and creating new jobs for Alaskans?

Recognizing great neighbors
Thank you to the wonderful people who stopped to help us when we were hurt in an accident on the Seward Highway on Saturday morning. Your help and support made all the difference.

Thanks to City of Soldotna Street Department
Monday night the street light in front of the four-plex where I live began shorting out. It went on and off all night, staying off more than on. The next afternoon, I remembered that I wanted to call and report the problem, which I did, and a very pleasant lady fielded my complaint. I explained that all of the residents here are seniors and/or disabled and I for one, didn't feel safe when the light went out.

Time Bandit fisherman found dead in Homer motel room
A crew member of the F/V Time Bandit, Justin Tennison, 33, was found dead in his hotel room on Tuesday afternoon.

Budget holes to fill: School district considers projected shortfall
The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District's fiscal year 2012 general fund budget has the district some $3.5 million in the red and it's looking at options to try to get that number somewhere in the black.

Photo: Ruff play

Road rage incident leads to flying bullets
In a serious case of road rage, an unknown male shot at two Anchor Point residents after a rock supposedly flung from their passing vehicle dinged his car.

Kenai vies for All-American status
After more than a year of work, Kenai's All-American City committee is finalizing its application for the annual award given by the National Civic League.

State hunting permit winners posted online
Drawing, Tier I, and Tier II permit results will be released by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game today at 5 p.m.

Photo: Smoothing out the rough spots

Marian Maxine Burger
Washington and recent Alaska resident Marian Maxine Burger died Tuesday, February 15, 2011 due to natural causes at her son's home in Kasilof. She was 91.

Nita Ross
Sports Lake resident Nita Ross, 84, died Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011, at her residence on Ross Drive in Ridgeway with her family present.

What part of 90 days don't they understand?
Ever get the feeling you're talking to a brick wall? Try talking to Juneau about getting used to the 90-day legislative session limit passed by the voters five years ago.

Winter in Alaska: an Kenai refuge intern's experience
As an aspiring biologist, I have worked some great seasonal jobs throughout my college career. I have banded ducks in Canada; I have seen many different types of wildlife while working as a biological technician for the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks and the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service; I have planted, monitored, maintained and harvested prairie grasslands in South Dakota; and I have spent many days riding ATVs while doing these jobs. But my dream has always been to move up to Alaska and work in the wilderness studying moose.

Impressions of Baja
On a recent visit to the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, the southern part of the Baja California Peninsula, I couldn't help but notice the scarcity of tourists. My friend Rod Arno and I were often the only gringos in sight.

Perils of Polly: Hurricanes, volcanos in Nicaragua: Respect Nature
Editor's note: Polly Crawford was a reporter and associate editor of The Peninsula Clarion from 1985-1988, when she wrote "Perils of Polly." She also wrote a series of "Peril" columns in 1998 about her Australian adventures. Her perils continue in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Around the Peninsula

Little league registration coming soon

Around the Peninsula

Community Heart Health Program for Women offered

What's Happening

Best Bets

Discovering 'Unknown' worthwhile

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Church Briefs

Senior Sweetheart dinner coming

It's a beautiful journey -- be sure to enjoy the scenery
My kids are at that stage where they are starting to be capable of doing things for themselves but don't want to break away from having it done for them. It's a frustrating season that never seems to be made better no matter how many older people tell me to enjoy it because I'll miss it when it's gone. That is something that has never seemed possible! In fact, I often have the feeling, as I'm sure everyone with young children has at some point, that the time "when it's gone" can't come soon enough!

Bulldogs survive: Nikiski girls withstand Seward's many runs
Nikiski girls basketball coach Lee Moore was correct when he predicted his team would face multiple scoring runs against Seward.

Mucha nabs 18th place: Peninsula skiers forced to adjust to Fairbanks snow
Soldotna's Bree Mucha led the Kenai Peninsula on the first day of the state ski meet by finishing 18th in the girls five-kilometer classic race Thursday at Birch Hill Recreation Area in Fairbanks.

SoHi ski team takes momentum to state
The Soldotna girls Nordic ski team will look to build on momentum it created with a dominant showing at the Region III skiing meet last weekend.

Sports Briefs

KCHS-SoHi hoops set to meet on Saturday

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