Let's tone down the rhetoric

Posted: Friday, February 25, 2011

One of the Clarion's more prolific contributors to your paper again gave us his view on how all of us should think. Today's was the same theme that he has used for each of his letters for the past six months -- to blame Gov. Palin, Fox News, The Tea Party, Republicans, people who oppose a Mosque at ground zero, etc. He just tosses in words like "pimp," "Palin-style death panel," "disgust with Sarah Palin," "monsters," "pay-offs," "evil artistry," "political profiteers like Sarah Palin" and "me-first Tea Party" to round out his opinion on that day's topic of choice.

The view from his soap box must be pretty clear to be able to pinpoint so easily that Gov. Palin is behind all that is wrong with our country. But to say that are military is just out "blowing the snot out of everyone" and his previous knee-jerk reaction letter about the tragic shooting in Tucson that he blames on everyone other then the murderer, was all most a text book example of the rhetoric that President Obama asked us as a nation not to lower ourselves to. The truly disturbing part of that letter was how fast the Clarion jumped at the chance to print it, even after our President asked for restraint in not turning the shooting into a political blame game, as was the sole point of that letter.

Maybe the Clarion could sit down with your "friend" of the paper and give him a chance to tell us why he chose the word "monster" to describe Gov. Palin. Myself, other then her pro-Pebble Mine stand, I strongly believe in her, for what she has done in Alaska and her work on a national stage.

But with the word "monster," you may want to think of what Friedrich Nietzsche once said: "Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one."

Stephen Hart, Soldotna

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