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Posted: Wednesday, February 26, 2003

War will bring more government control; will it reduce terrorism?

As a former Republican who left the party because it was too liberal, some people seem surprised to hear that a conservative is against this

threatened war with Iraq. But a true conservative should want less government, not more ... and a war always creates more.

The leftists, Reds, Greens, Pinks and socialists have their own different reasons for opposing this war (they were suspiciously invisible when President Sex Fiend ordered "Monica's War" in Kosovo, for which we had even less reason to go in), but even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while.

Somewhere along the line, we have lost the idea that war is the responsibility of a republic, not an individual, to decide. That was one of the main reasons to heave over board monarchy and reject dictatorship in our revolution.

But starting with Honest Abe and his arguably unconstitutional war, both Roosevelts and every president since FDR, the Constitution has been deformed and warped into a barely recognizable instrument of limited government. One hundred and forty years of "interpretation" tends to build its own momentum and false traditions, piling mistake upon error.

A "conservative" who is willing to say "my country, right or wrong" and is willing to accept more government power and control, should then ask himself ... is this war going to bring us more or less terrorism?

After we have pounded Iraq into rubble (again), do you really think that terrorist cells will be less of a threat? It's a little like swatting a mosquito, congratulating yourself that there is one less bug, while ignoring the tormenting hordes that still surround you.

Or, perhaps a better analogy would be going up to a beehive and poking it with a stick, hoping to kill a bee or two. Then what happens?

A government that is attempting to expand its power needs to continue to manufacture a crisis mentality in the public's mind in order to gain acceptance to its tyranny.

France, Germany and other European states have attempted to dissuade us from attacking Iraq, to no avail. But there is one country, and one country alone, that could call off this war if it asked us. However, it is in that country's interest that we should attack Iraq, which is why we are probably going to.

And which country might this be? It says reams about the truth of the matter that I can close this letter without even mentioning it by name and be content that probably 95 percent of the readers will jolly well know which one.

Robert M. Bird, Kenai

More inspections is not what's needed to cure ills of Iraq

I'm continually amazed by people who want more inspections in Iraq. They aren't thinking this through clearly.

How long can we keep this massive force in the area? These inspectors are there only because this force is on their borders. How long would they stay there after we pulled out? I haven't heard any of those countries offering to chip in on the expense.

I have nothing but contempt for France. Tony Blair is following in the footsteps of Thatcher and Churchill. He has guts.

Jesse Robinson, Sterling

Everyone entitled to his opinion,

but Garner is way out of line

I am writing to complain about the opinion written by Marcus Garner. I am willing to read opinions which are different from mine; however, I am opposed to name calling and finger pointing.

I was offended by Mr. Garner's referring to President Bush as a thug and comparing him to Saddam Hussein. I also found his calling the current administration a company of clowns offensive.

I realize he is entitled to his opinion, but I would prefer to read any opposing views backed up by facts not just belittling names and cheap shots.

Although I have never been a fan of Mr. Garner's writing, this is the first time I have been incensed enough to complain. Somebody could inform Mr. Garner that schizophrenia and multiple personalities are not cute or amusing.

Helen Brown, Kenai

Another view: Way to go, Garner!

Thanks so much for putting Marcus Garner on the Opinion, or any, page of your paper.

Nothing wrong with being two-headed and knowing of what you speak, young man.

Cheri Edwards, Soldotna

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