Kenai two-stroke ban targets one group of river users

Letters to the Editor

Posted: Monday, February 26, 2007

Kenai City Coucilman Joe Moore, as a resident and property owner in the city of Kenai, and having been one for almost 12 years, I’ve got to ask if you, have lost your better senses? Unless you have some kind of personal agenda, then why do you wish to waste the council’s time, alienate local supporters, and turn away city revenue, when all your actions will do nothing to help the water quality in the Kenai River?

If all the state resource agencies are working on a wide variety of causes, then why are you continuing to target one small group of river users? Why do you feel you must take the lead in something you know very little about, when there are paid professionals working daily on the whole problem?

As an elected official, who is supposed to represent all the citizens of Kenai, you are turning a deaf ear to our wishes. Have you not seen the poll conducted by the Clarion, read the letters opposing the ban, and listened to the testimony at the council meetings, stating it alone would not help?

A lot of your tax paying citizens, like me, have small boats with two-stroke motors. If we used them everyday, instead of a few times a year, it would be a different matter. If we had several thousand extra dollars lying around, we would all buy new four-strokes, but most of us don’t. A lot of us are older retired people who have worked hard for what we have, and I don’t think it is too much to ask, for you guys, to not make it harder on us than it already is.

Now that I think about it — that really is not your boat launch anyway — it belongs to we citizens who paid for it with our taxes, and it is maintained by we users, with our launch fees.

So I respectfully request that you stop your personal attack on one small group, look at the whole picture, and start treating all the causes and everyone the same, regardless of what type of motor we have.

Bob Stockdale


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