Dipnetting is not recreation

Letters to the Editor

Posted: Monday, February 26, 2007

I recently read an article regarding Mr. Vanek’s proposal for a daily bag limit for dipnetters. Mr. Vanek is quoted saying. “Dipnetting is a recreational activity and not a subsistence fishery... .” The people of this state who take part in dipnetting use it as a quick method to fill the freezers. Dipnetters are allowed a small window, and hope to hit that one big run. You hope to hit that run, because otherwise, you stand for hours for a few fish as your reward. Standing neck deep in the surf, waiting, hoping, praying a fish will swim into this one net among hundreds is not fun. Cutting this limit practically encourages poaching of salmon. Not everyone enjoys fishing with a rod, which would be considered recreational to most.

Anderson Steel Fannon


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