What will it take to get dog ordinance?

Posted: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This dog ordinance had not one thing to do with leash laws, vaccinations or owners responsibility. It had to do with the folks of this borough being able to walk down a road or any other property other than personal property with out being attacked.

I want to see some protection for my family and others because you have none now. The people who own these dogs have no responsibility to pay your bills or care at all about you.

What will it take until someone important has it happen to them before this borough takes care of the folks that live here?

You worry about someone kicking a fish back in the water and have a law against it, but if a dog bites your child, there is not one thing you can do.

Where do we live anymore when there is no one to protect us from this?

Get a clue and step up and do the right thing before it is your child or you that carry the scars for life. Thanks Grace for putting this out there.

Dennis Wall


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