Kenai needs stricter noise ordinance

Posted: Friday, February 26, 2010

Why isn't there a stricter noise ordinance in the city of Kenai? When my family and I bought our home in the Woodlands subdivsion we were thrilled ... that is, until a neighbor decided that playing drums at any and all hours of the day is acceptable. As a stay at home mom I am trying to raise my children in a loving and and nuturing environment. We have learning time, play, crafts, and nap. Sleep. One of the essential neccessities of childhood. Everyday the peace inside my home is broken by the insessant banging of drums from my neighbor. I have personally spoken with this person and have been laughed at. Mind you, that is the day I got out of the hospital with my second child. We have contacted the police, but have been told this is a civil matter. Why? Why do I have to spend my personal money in order to have peace within my home? Why is there no city ordinance that covers this? There is a noise ordinance that pertains to unruly animals. I can deal with normal neighborhood noise: lawnmowers, animals, snowmachines etc, but I should not have to endure this daily assault that has been ongoing for a year now. Something needs to change!

Hope Baldwin


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