Coulter nails 15 strikes in a row

Posted: Friday, February 26, 2010

The all-events handicap leader, Dave Coulter, this past Sunday displayed for many of us over the course of 20 minutes, from the early part of game two, into the middle of game three, on lanes seven and eight, the art of stringing strikes.

Dave put together 15 pin-cracking, wood-splitting, machine-busting strikes in a row.

Dave's nine-game display of great accuracy and consistency began early Sunday morning with team competition. Dave entered the event with a 189 average and rolled games of 184, 222 and 265 for a 671 series and a 223 average.

After an hour break and a switch of lanes, Dave started off slowly in the singles event but quickly turned things around. Dave rolled scores of 168, 231 and 236 for a 635 series and a six-game average of 217.

Dave currently has a hold on sixth place in singles handicap with a score of 718 and second in scratch out of 58 entries.

During the doubles event, Dave really shined. Game one was pretty ordinary for Dave with a score of 203.

Game two started out pretty uneventful for Dave with him converting a spare in frame one. When it came to frame two it was all over. The pins for the next 15 frames never stood a chance. Dave closed out game two with 11 strikes in a row for a 290 game.

For his exceptional performance, Dave will be receiving an 11-in-a-row award from the United States Bowling Congress. Dave's 290 game also placed him in a tie for second for season high score with Catch Worster.

Dave continued his string of strikes into game three starting out with a four-bagger and ending the game with a 205.

For the three-game set, Dave rolled a 698 series, and ended the day with a 222 average. Great bowling Dave!

Leading the singles handicap event is Phyllis Cousins with a 763 total. Phyllis entered the event with a 160 average and for the first two games was pretty consistent with back-to-back scores of 166.

In the final game, Phyllis bowled a phenomenal 109 pins above average and rolled a 269 game. The 269 game not only propelled Phyllis into the No. 1 spot with a 13-pin lead over Karl Liedes, but it was a high enough score to capture the No. 2 spot for the women's season high game score. Congratulations Phyllis, great game!

Leading the handicap doubles event by a dominating margin of 126 pins is none other than the same duo who won the 2009 annual Thanksgiving scotch mixed doubles handicap tournament -- James and Nancy Mackey.

James' entering average for the tournament was 122, and Nancy was at 123. James rolled games of 140, 191 and 208. Nancy scored 192, 159 and a 126. The pair for three games combined for a 281 pin-over-average performance. Very impressive!

James is currently in second for all-events handicap at 2,252 and Nancy is third with a 2,167.

First place by a very slim margin in the team event is held by Frank Miller, Cheryl Conte, Kay Roberts and Dave Coulter. Frank rolled 91 pins over average with games of 204, 258 and 172. Cheryl had a high game of 198 which was 34 pins over her average and Kay rolled a 127 game which was 18 pins above average.

High for all-events scratch series is currently held by John Junkert, a Soldotna-Kenai Hall of Fame bowler and 2008 scratch all-events champion. John rolled games of 258, 256, 255, 236, 236, 235, 220, 205 and 176 for a 230.777 average and a 2,077 total.

High singles scratch series is held by Karl Liedes, who is also a Hall of Fame bowler. Karl rolled games of 189, 239 and 268 for a 696 series and a 232 average.

Soldotna-Kenai bowling association city tournament lane awards: Lanes 1 and 2 -- John Junkert, 258 game and 749 series; Lanes 3 and 4 -- Tom Flood, 263 game and 619 series; Lanes 5 and 6 -- Karl Liedes, 268 game and 696 series; Lanes 7 and 8 -- David Coulter, 290 game and 698 series; Lanes 9 and 10 -- Frank Miller, 258 game and 634 series; Lanes 11 and 12 -- James Dye, 236 game and 650 series.

Titus goes 4-0 in league match play

Kenai Peninsula scholastic league junior varsity bowler Hannah Titus continues to reach new highs with each passing week.

During week nine of league, Hannah bowled an 87, 111 and a 92 with an 80 average, going 4-0 in match play and missing a 300 series by just a mark.

In week 10, Hannah, with an 81 average, rolled a 75, 90 and a new personal high of 114. Hannah's 111 game last week was the first time she broke through a 100 during league play.

Week 11 saw little difference, except for Hannah leapfrogging past the 125 bench mark, then flying over the difficult 150 threshold and landing on a new personal high score of 168.

The 168 game was also significant in that Hannah rolled her first ever three strikes in a row.

Hannah proved her new high score was no fluke when she rolled over her old high for the second time in as many games with a 119.

Hannah closed out week eleven with a third game above average, scoring 90.

All this happened along the way to Hannah also scoring a new personal high series of 377 and bypassing the 300 series award for a 350 series award.

In the last three weeks, Hannah has gone undefeated in two of the weeks and has an impressive 9-3 record in her last 12 match games.

Congratulations Hannah, you rolled a great game and series!

Below is a list of youth bowlers who have received recent recognition from USBC:

* Mason Job, 125 award for a 126 game with a 74 average, 300 series award for a 302 series.

* Shalynda Daigle, 175 award for a 183 game with a 133 average, 450 series award for a 490 series, 500 series award for a 501 series.

* Becca Axtell, 150 award for a 160 game with a 124 average, 400 series award for a 414 series.

* Mason Yamada, 225 game award for a 225 game with a 181 average.

* Tasha Waterbury, 225 game award for a 247 game with a 178 average, 550 series award for a 594 series.

* Sophia Sorensen, 125 game award for a 127 game with an 86 average, 250 series award for a 256 series.

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