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Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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The Class of 2025, the babies of 2007 gather for a reunion at Froso's in Soldotna.

It was the idea of Anna Selanoff and her friend Coral Hoffman who were both expecting a baby last year to get the other babies born in 2007 together for a little reunion. “When I found out I was pregnant it seemed like all my friends and a lot of other women were expecting babies at the same time, so I wanted to see all their babies and I thought it would be fun to invite them all to bring their babies together for a lunch at Froso’s so the newborns could all meet each other for the first time,” Selanoff told the Dispatch. Anna graduated from KCHS in 2003, and Coral from SoHi, but there is no cross town rivalry yet between their babies Ashlyn and Stella.

About thirty moms and their babies turned out for the first 007 baby reunion or what might have been the first meeting of the Class of 2025 from the Kenai Peninsula. Like most class reunions the kids hadn’t decided what they wanted to be when they grow up yet, but parental plans for their kid’s future ranged from dirt bike riders, to trapeze artists and stellar stars, to electricians, “I’m pretty sure he wants to be an electrician when he grows up because he really likes chewing on electrical cords,” laughed Megan. Most of the new moms agreed they’d like to find the secret for getting some more sleep and the babies really enjoyed being around such a large peer gathering, “She just loves kids, she spots them and heads right for them, she’s definitely a kid person,” said Stacey who added she already was starting a college savings plan for her baby.


Selanoff was happy with the turn out and would like to have other events for the babies of 2007 in the future, perhaps even quarterly, “Next time we may need to meet at a place where the kids can all play together because they are getting pretty active and there wasn’t much time for moms to do much sharing,” said Anna. The “Bond Moms” included a gift exchange as sort of an after birth type baby shower and used the Chinese gift exchange method where moms could keep or take someone else’s gift, “The most popular was a baby walker and it changed hands many times, overall the event was great and we’ll do it again all the moms seem even closer and the kids all loved each other,” said Selanoff.

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