Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't subscribe to fear
I'm surprised how long I've managed to avoid a public response to the militia recruiters in our midst. It has been impossible to miss the two of them with their constant barrage of letters to the editor on a variety of topics, often concluding with a rally to come join the militia and become one of the enlightened.

Why the outrage now?
I've been reading the letters of Ray Southwell a few months now, and the grumblings of Norm Olsen longer. I want to ask them why they were silent during the build-up, and horribly costly (in lives and tax dollars) invasion and occupation of Iraq? I saw a group of gutsy people at the "Y" in Soldotna, protesting the war, being threatened, water thrown at them, but I don't remember seeing either of you two or your "Patriot," "Militia," "Tea-Partying" brothers. I was taught it's patriotic to question our government, no matter how unpopular it is. Why suddenly outraged?

Kenai needs stricter noise ordinance
Why isn't there a stricter noise ordinance in the city of Kenai? When my family and I bought our home in the Woodlands subdivsion we were thrilled ... that is, until a neighbor decided that playing drums at any and all hours of the day is acceptable. As a stay at home mom I am trying to raise my children in a loving and and nuturing environment. We have learning time, play, crafts, and nap. Sleep. One of the essential neccessities of childhood. Everyday the peace inside my home is broken by the insessant banging of drums from my neighbor. I have personally spoken with this person and have been laughed at. Mind you, that is the day I got out of the hospital with my second child. We have contacted the police, but have been told this is a civil matter. Why? Why do I have to spend my personal money in order to have peace within my home? Why is there no city ordinance that covers this? There is a noise ordinance that pertains to unruly animals. I can deal with normal neighborhood noise: lawnmowers, animals, snowmachines etc, but I should not have to endure this daily assault that has been ongoing for a year now. Something needs to change!

Fundraiser for Haiti eathquake victims a success
On Thursday Feb. 11, Skyview Student Council and National Honor Society hosted a fundraiser raising money for Haiti earthquake victims. The fundraiser was a great success, earning $1,176 total. Skyview would like to thank all those who came, donated money, food or other items and helped this event go so well. It could not have been done with out the help of the community. Thank you.

Cemetery gets stipulations: Burials must begin within 5 years
The Soldotna City Council approved an ordinance purchasing 10 acres from the Kenai Peninsula Borough on W est Redoubt for use as a cemetery for $2 at its meeting Wednesday night.

Permanent fund looks back on profitable year: Managers start new investments
The Alaska Permanent Fund had a stellar 2009, earning 18.76 percent for the year, its managers were told Wednesday.

Raising the roof: Possible $26M bond needed for KPBSD repairs
Voters may be faced with a decision to approve a $26 million bond for school roof repairs this October.

Witness 'sees' victim in seance: Eacker murder trial continues slowly
Sometime after Toni Lister was reported missing and April 1, 1982, Janel Norstrem saw Lister's body during a sance.

Stomach diplomacy: the way to a legislator's heart?
From Juneau this week comes word that $15 isn't enough to buy a lawmaker a decent meal or a drink.

Winter camping the best kind of camping
As I sat curled in the fetal position and shivering in my snow covered sleeping bag, feeling the sensation of stinging in my toes, watching the fog of my breath rise into the cold air and fading twilight of the day's final rays -- I couldn't help but think how lucky I was.

Hatchery moves fry by the millions
Like eaglets being pushed from the nest, salmon fry born at the local hatchery get their first taste of freedom this week.

The fish of last summer
Those fish you caught and stored in your freezer last July won't last forever. It's time to do something with them, while they're still good food.

Refuge ecologist enjoys fungus-farming leaf-cutter ants in Costa Rica
My travels this winter brought my wife Sara and me to Costa Rica for three weeks of winter respite. The down time of traveling provides good opportunities to catch up with some good books, and my choice this year was Edward O. Wilson's fascinating autobiography "Naturalist." Harvard University's E.O. Wilson is one the world's great naturalists and conservationists, and perhaps the world authority on ants.

Around the Peninsula

Cheating to be discussed

Kenai Central girls edge Soldotna
Sammy Hull hit the go-ahead 3-pointer midway through the fourth quarter, and the Kenai Central High School girls basketball team defeated host Soldotna 61-53 Thursday night, taking one more giant step toward clinching the top seed from the Southern Division for next week's Northern Lights Conference tournament.

Proverbs offer insights to living wisely
"A stitch in time saves ____________"

Church Briefs

Recovery meetings planned

Wild topple Bears
The Wenatchee (Wash.) Wild defeated the Kenai River Brown Bears 10-2 on Thursday in North American Hockey League action at Wenatchee.

Coulter nails 15 strikes in a row
The all-events handicap leader, Dave Coulter, this past Sunday displayed for many of us over the course of 20 minutes, from the early part of game two, into the middle of game three, on lanes seven and eight, the art of stringing strikes.

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