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Posted: Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So here we go again! The borough wants to raise the sales tax to cut property taxes and cap the senior-disabled vet exemption. How about looking at this from a different prospective?

Why don’t they raise the maximum collected on sales tax from $500 to let’s say $2,000 and they could collect three times the amount and still leave the sales tax at 5 percent, 2 percent, or 5.5 percent, still drop property taxes and not cap the senior-disabled vet exemption?

On luxury items, say a $7,000 snowmachine, it would mean the difference between only paying $25 in sales taxes on the first $500 (in Soldotna where the sales tax is 5 percent) to paying $100 for the first $2,000. On a new living room set that cost $5,000, instead of paying $25 in sales tax they would pay $100. I think you get the idea. Already, in two transactions the borough has gained $150 and just changed one little thing. The cap on the sales tax.

Why change the sales tax, property tax and cap the senior-disabled vet tax when changing the maximum collected in sales tax will accomplish the same thing or better? I guess balancing a budget with common sense still is out of view of any politician.

Quit trying to change what would affect the ones who can least afford your options and change what will affect everyone equally. Raise the maximum in the sales tax cap and cut a few coupons folks. Use your heads. No, better yet, use your brain and a calculator.

Kathy Ramsey


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