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Vaporized Gold

Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2008

So our gas line is near ready to roll

With TransCanada sitting on the pole

The bids are in with one to comply

And March 6th is the date for Sarah's reply

The Big Three of the slope monsters all

Have decided to make AGIA fall

They would bring back the failed proposal

Of yester-year, straight from the dino's wall

We all must admit with much chagrin

The door was open and one foot was in

But from the halls of wisdom and with much pride

The legislation before us was set aside

To ConocoPhillips, Exxon, and BP

We can't afford you, not at your fee

You have made your pitch and had your fun

You don't scare us, we are not on the run

And to Sarah I can only say

A kudo to you and keep them at bay

The proposal we have is legal and defensible

Its acceptance is routine and really quite sensible

I'll close this out

With the use of a pun.

In the words of a comic

Lets just "Git 'er done."

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