Iron Dog tougher than serving in Afghanistan?

Posted: Monday, February 28, 2011

KTUU published an article Thursday attributing the following statement to Sarah Palin concerning those who ride in the Iron Dog: "I think these guys are the toughest men on the planet."

For someone who may have aspirations to be the Commander in Chief of the armed forces in this country, she better choose her words carefully. She might want to give consideration to those men and woman who are walking across Afghanistan carrying 85 to 120 pounds of gear on their back in temperatures that often exceed 110 degrees, those men and women who may be on patrol for eight or ten hours and often come under fire and must give their all just to stay alive and protect others with them, regardless of how much longer it takes. They don't always have the option to go to bed at night or quit, and go home. And, a $50,000 prize isn't waiting for them at the end of their tour. I think the Iron Dog participants would agree with me.

Dean Hill, Sterling

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