Time to enjoy 'extra' day

Posted: Sunday, February 29, 2004

It only rolls around once every four years, and today is the day: Feb. 29 the extra day that a leap year brings.

Too bad it falls on a Sunday this year when most people already have the day off. Otherwise, it would be appropriate to call a halt to everything.

Feb. 29 should be the day we toss our to-do lists, go home from work early (if we go to work at all) and plan a special activity something we've been wanting to do but haven't made the time to do. Feb. 29 should be the day we use to regain our balance from schedules that are overloaded. This 366th day to the year should be a day free from the normal routines.

So, go ahead enjoy the day. "Extra" days are too few and far between to ignore. And while you're thinking about it, pull out your day planner and circle Feb. 29, 2008, and start making plans. It's a Friday, by the way.

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