KRSA involvement with mine questioned by reader

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, February 29, 2008

On Feb. 20, I attended the recent public forum on Pebble Mine sponsored by the Safari Club and found it very interesting that a board member of Kenai River Sportfishing Association was driving around and entertaining the representatives of Northern Dynasty and Anglo American, aka the Pebble Partnership.

Come to find out, KRSA has also received donations from these guys. My question is, aren't they supposed to be a sportfishing advocacy group? Concerned with habitat issues? What is their mission exactly? And at what price are they for sale?

Having lived for many years in Montana, I've seen firsthand the devastation large scale hard rock mining has had on our fisheries, water supplies and habitat. And I now wonder how a supposed sportfishing group can be in bed with these guys and not opposing them.

Northern Dynasty's mission is in complete contradiction to anything having to do with sportfishing.

This is behavior repeated over and over again, these foreign corporations come in and promise the world and throw their money around, but fishermen, whether sport or commercial, end up losing in the end.

Please do not fall victim to greed. We need to look close and know the facts and not sell-out to these guys. It is our reputation, our fish and clean water that is at stake.

Remember this: We can be the last ones to do it wrong, or the first ones to do it right.

Robb Justice


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