We the people have recourse

Posted: Wednesday, March 01, 2006

When you think about the issue of constructing a gas line from Prudhoe Bay to Cook Inlet, the argument from the majors reflect on the ownership rights. When your house stands in the way of progress and the will of the powers that be, the argument is rights, as well.

Eminent domain — a right of a government to take private property for public use by virtue of the superior dominion of the sovereign power over all the lands within its jurisdiction. When I think about that definition, I see all the wind disappearing from the sails of the majors. If the people of Alaska are owners of resources as claimed, our governor and legislators are snowing the general public big time.

We the people have recourse and we’ve had it all the time. Applying the term major producers lack, no less authority than your house would have in the freeway right of way. Let’s build our own pipeline and fill it with our own gas and charge the construction cost to the unwilling participants. The fact of a compromised administration is evident, should negotiations continue to anything contrary to the will of the people of Alaska. The absence of eminent domain to Alaska’s side of the issue is certainly suspect and one must at this point question the dismissal of the heads of department of natural resources.

Ron Dolchok Sr.


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