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Letter to the Editor

Posted: Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chou En-lai, the great Communist leader and Democratic icon, said, “Eventually science will know everything and there will be no need for religion.” I wish on its way to omniscience science would just cure the common cold. Or, explain homosexuality in terms of evolution. Since they don’t procreate shouldn’t they have disappeared? Religion says “anything in motion has to be set in motion.” Science says, “How about the Mexican jumping bean?”

Religion says, “Nothing is the cause of itself.” Science says, “In the beginning was the hydrogen atom.” (Did it create itself? It must have.) Religion says, “Everything that now exists at one time did not exist and in the future will not exist so in the beginning nothing existed.” (God is spirit.) Science says, “In the beginning was the hydrogen atom.”

Religion says, “There are grades of perfection.” Science says, “Right, we already know more than any pseudo creator.” Religion asks, “Where did the law of nature come from?” Science says, “It came from that same explosion in the print shop that created the encyclopedia.”

See, I do have an open mind.

Lyle Cole


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