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Posted: Friday, March 02, 2001

A little consideration for others can go long way toward better day

Thinking I'd seen and experienced it all, a man at the local Kenai car wash let me know I was woefully wrong. The car wash has doors that close making it nice in the winter, and it has two bays each with room for two vehicles. I pulled into a vacant spot and deposit many quarters. After a brief time, I noticed (smelled) that the other vehicle, a bright blue Dodge with vanity plates, had been left running. Diesel no less. The man washing the vehicle was doing a thorough job and seemed not to notice that I kept opening my door in an effort to get some fresh air inside and hopefully exhaust the diesel fumes.

Yes, I could have vacated that stall, losing the money I had deposited. And yes, I could have spoken to him, but in this day and age you can never be to sure what reaction you'll get in response, so I chose to continue washing my car.

Now I know diesel engines are heck to warm up, and I understand keeping them running for that reason. But it was hardly a cold day. I also know that the car wash is not a particularly airtight building. But I still cannot fathom this man's insensitivity to other people in the car wash that day! The fumes made me quite uncomfortable and nauseous for several hours afterward.

A little bit of considering the other person can make life a bit better for all of us. It seems obvious to me that this man doesn't think like I do.

Sherry Lewis Kenai

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