Too many people destroying too much habitat, hurting fish and game

Posted: Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Native Americans now in Alaska's wilderness and those in dire need should be the only people to receive the right to subsistence living. Alaska's precious predators are now becoming victims to non-Native people and their explosive ways. The game numbers remaining the same or decreasing is because of these people taking more than they need or there sheer unnatural numbers impacting the environment for what they need.

The book, "The People of The Deer," by Olaf Murry, clearly states how one family of Native Americans could easily go through 13 caribou in a season, feeding half of that to their dogs. The caribou do not breed like rabbits. It is no wonder when the English and Russian people came through they decimated the caribou's numbers and irradiated the musk oxen.

This was done from too many people's demands and subsistence living. Instead of having these non-Native people continue to mess up the environment they are pulling so much from, I insist that we spend money on getting a grocery (like the Alaska Food Bank) for every remote town.

I believe the Department of Fish and Game should not cater to the people any longer. Department officials know what is best for the Alaska wilderness; that is, to leave it alone and start managing the people who are damaging it. Also, we need not spread our growth to the remote areas of Alaska where we know precious resources will be dampened and pillaged. It comes down to basic population growth and expansion: We are too many and destroy too much habitat in our living. It is not as it was in the past, and we need control in what we do.

I see this governor of Alaska and his followers denying the laws of science turning their back on what needs them most. I ask now for all who care about Alaska, the Last Frontier, to rally for the bear, stand up for the wolf and speak for the eagle because they are under attack by massive numbers of non-natives and people following orders.

I urge those who are taking for the sheer reason of being where they are to see what you can change, what you can live without.

Jesse Ward

Cooper Landing

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