‘Truth’ getting harder to believe

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, March 02, 2007

Don’t you just love it when someone opens mouth and inserts foot proving the major points of your letter to the editor? I thank you, Scott Thorson of Truth About Pebble (TAP), for making me look good in your Feb. 20 Voices of the State tirade. What we got from you was more misinformation and less truth along with a litany denigrating opponents of the Pebble Mine.

Scott, you claim all the big decisions have not been made, but nearly all businesses design projects from the top down. In the truth submitted to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, the design for the Pebble project is down to the actual process of construction and bottom components of the waste pit dams. The biggies have been made by Northern Dynasty. They are on file!

The only thing left is to con Alaskans into believing the short-term greed of the few outweighs the long-term needs of hundreds of future generations of Alaskans. (Thanks, Mr. Spock.) I guess this is where “Truth” about Pebble comes in. It seems that the TAP people are devotees of that Alaska columnist’s motto: “The truth is so limiting!” Maybe your excessive use of the ellipsis indicates a lot of truth left out ... like who will be responsible should the project go belly up or when the mine plays out.

I’ve been to the top of the Space Needle, so I can attest it is quite high, but I cannot say if it as high as the proposed waste pit dams. I do know that the documents on file with the state call for dams to be built to heights of 700, 710 and 740 feet as production at the mine proceeds.

Scott, maybe you should read the documents on file for the project before you pontificate.

Do you think we’re stupid enough to believe TAP and Northern Dynasty do not have a mob of lobbyists working Juneau, too? We’ve seen the news reports.

You and TAP will get more respect if you stop treating us like mushrooms. No matter how high you pile it, you cannot fool all the people all the time. Thank you, Honest Abe.

William Phillips


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