‘War coming to America’

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, March 02, 2007

With 140,000 American soldiers, plus thousands of Black Water mercenaries already in Iraq, and with 21,000 more soldiers on the way, one wonders what effect it will have on America. Can anything good come from the experiences of more than 200,000 who have served or will have served in Iraq an Afghanistan?

Consider that win, lose or draw, the “Great Islamic Jihad” will continue its war globally with its chief target being the United States of America. Iraq is merely the present battleground, but the sounds, sights and smell of jihad are already spreading across our country.

You won’t read in the Peninsula Clarion about the Muslim man who intentionally mowed people down in San Francisco with his SUV or the Muslim assailant who brutally murdered a Jewish woman and wounded five more in Seattle.

Don’t expect the media to tell you about the Iranian Muslim college student who used a rented SUV as a weapon of mass destruction, injuring nine in North Carolina or the recent mass murder in Salt Lake City by Sulejmen Talovic, a Bosnian Muslim.

While these are isolated cases, they indicate that spontaneous acts of Muslim jihad are already occurring. We can expect the frequency, organization and scale of attacks to increase greatly.

So back to the original question. What benefit will derive from the hundreds of thousands who have seen jihad first-hand in Iraq and Afghanistan? Only this: That each and every soldier who returns will be ready, able, and willing to take up arms to defend America.

When the families of returning soldiers are massacred by Muslim jihadis right here in our own country, these soldiers will lock and load and join the growing ranks of the patriot militia. I welcome them all.

I exhort each and every returning soldier to keep his gear ready. War is coming to the streets of America. Those who are awake and those who can see this reality will prepare accordingly.

Norman Olson


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