27 Red opens in Peninsula Center Mall for the whole family

Posted: Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Peninsula Center Mall has a new Las Vegas style family hair salon known as 27 Red, and while that might not be your lucky number, you're sure to look like a winner after professional stylist and shop owner, Sara Bianca Sproul, has done her magic. Actually the name of the new shop has nothing to do with the Las Vegas theme of the dcor says Sara's husband Chad. "We were having a bit of a good time one night when we discovered we all have 27 bones in our hand and just about everything we accomplish is with our hands, whether it's metal art, beautiful hair styles, or brain surgery, we do it with our hands and our favorite color is red so there you have it27 Red," Chad told the Dispatch. According to Chad, 27 Red is a dream come true for he and his wife. "If anyone doubts that dreams come true, they should just stop by because this truly is my wife's dream made true. She's an amazing hair dresser who now has her very talented friends around her doing nails, hair and make-up. Business is wonderful and it's just a dream come true," he said.

Sara says she has been styling hair locally for more than eight years. "My parents always did hair, so it just came to me naturally. We naturally make people look good and I enjoy all aspects of making people beautiful," she said. According to Sarah, all the contemporary dcor at her new shop was made locally and came from her home. "It all came from my house. Some people tell me my husband should be an Elvis impersonator, but actually he's a wonderful metal artist and has made all the pieces you see here at the shop," she said. "Everything at the shop that is made of metal is for sale," added Chad. "A couple of pieces that are totally unique is the flaming bench and the wall mounted iron work here at 27 Red. I make things that are totally affordable and I like to say that if you can imagine it in your head, I can make it with my hands, you dream it and I'll make it. A lot of my experience with metal came from when I was living in Vegas and worked for an ornamental iron company. It inspired me to turn metal work into art," he said. The new 27 Red family salon is open Monday through Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm and Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm and Sunday by appointment. For an appointment call Sarah at 394-5168, or to learn more about Chad's metal art call him at 394-5127.

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